Warm Springs Day

Warm Springs – What a Beautiful Place to Wear a L$10 Outfit!

Hello there Virtual Goddesses and Gods! Last night as I prepared to go in world, I started thinking about all the fabulous events happening right now, hunts and shopping events and music shows, oh my. Too tired to hit them all, too late to do very much before logging off, and unable to choose from all the fabs, I decided to hit up my “Places to Visit” Flickr Gallery, where I save photos of lovely locations that include the location slurL. Voila, a pretty sim was chosen for some casual exploration and photo taking: Warm Springs!

Warm Springs – Beautiful and Photo Friendly

I arrived at the Warm Springs landing spot on a dock with a scenic view of the water behind me and a path lined with flowers at the end of the dock before me. Upon arrival, a notecard with just about the warmest welcome ever from Warm Springs owner Irina Sofia Deschanel is offered, that begins with:

Welcome to a small relaxing and charming town. Filled with nooks and crannies and tranquil spots for you to talk and converse with friends, take pictures, or just lay to sleep. Walk through the path or ride a bike and enjoy the scenery and the homes. Take a calming nap. Enjoy the songs of birds or just sit down and take pictures.


Oh Irina, you really didn’t have to tell me twice to take pictures, but you did! And you are a fangirl and sometimes traveling Companion to the Doctor 💕! <— see two hearts!  You are my hero and I will love you forever! 😘 💚

Ten steps in and I was already presented with fantastic photo opportunities in the form of a small wooden ticket office, behind which was a fish cleaning station, cargo boxes, a basket of crabs, and some pelicans guarding them all. There was also a nice little kitty cat but she didn’t make it into my pictures. (As always, click any pic to see its glorious larger sizes on Flickr.)

Mission: Crustacean Liberation
Mission: Crustacean Liberation!
Calvin sighed, clicking his claws together in frustration. He *told* them not to go into the neato cages, he *told* them they were traps and NOT underwater jungle gyms! But did they listen to him? Noooooooo. “Calvin, don’t be such a killjoy!” they said. “Calvin, you’re such an old fart already.” “Calvin, you’re such a wuss.”
“Yah,” he thought, “I’m such a wuss, yet *I’m* the one that’s gotta come rescue your barnacled behinds.” pfft. How was he going to get them out of that thing? They were getting weak.
He called the big nosed guy over. Calvin knew his type, and he knew what ol’ big nose liked. “Pssst… lift my brothers out of that thing and I’ll show you where all the stupid fish are – the ones that swim near the surface – you’ll be feasting for days!” ##

Looking around, I knew just what outfit I wanted to wear – the one you saw in the big photo at top of this post. Or rather, what hair I wanted to wear. And then I found the outfit that would go perfectly with the beautiful country faery hat and hair that I had just scored from the NSP booth at the Wash Nothing Over L$10 Sale, on through Sept. 16, 2015.

Now appropriately dressed for a nice wander through a lovely flowered countryside, I almost got underway. Would have gotten underway, in fact, were I not so easily prone to distraction. The first distraction was the ticket booth – I didn’t even make it off the landing dock before I took a seat for a pic!

Working Hard or Hardly Working?
Working Hard, or Hardly Working? Ahhhh, such an idyllic day, and slow at the box office. What could be better for a little siesta? The boss is on vacation, the locals are all friendly, and the water and gulls are lulling her to sleep. Hopefully she won’t snore much, lest the sound of her snores attract some humorous minded person to snap her pic and post it to Flickr. ###

Finally, a short snooze and couple of Flickr pics later, I finally managed to make it to the end of the dock and about twenty steps into this gorgeous, serene, and welcoming sim. Intending to pick some nice flowers and herbs to replenish my potions and alchemy supplies, I was instead unable to resist the urge to collapse into the flowers and laze around for a bit, surrounding myself in their beautiful petals and fragrance.

 She grabbed the basket and put on her sun hat and went out for her weekly walk to pick wild flowers, leaves, herbs, roots, bits of bark, fungi and other native flora to replenish her supplies. The faery knew many of the Mother’s gifts and recipes, and the humans in this village came to her for potions and salves, spices and sweeteners. In return they brought her their best pot pies and pastries and many delicious baked delights. It was a good trade, and a good life.  Somehow during these gathering walks she always ended up laying in the midst of flowers, immersed in their fragrant aromas and in her dreamy thoughts.

By this time I finished mucking around with the depth of field settings to get the effect I wanted for the lazing in the flowers photo, it was getting late and I knew I would have to save further exploration for another day. Then I realized I really ought to take a pic of my fabulous outfit, and so I did. As I reveled in the fabulousness of my fabulous outfit, it dawned on me that I had pretty much spent a whopping L$10 on this look! The top and skirt were a free gift, the hat with hair attached was from the nothing over L$10 sale, the skin was a Fantasy Faire sponsor’s gift, and the basket was a group gift. The only things that cost any real Lindens were the wings and the ears, which you really don’t see in this photo anyway.

Wildflowers are Free
Top and Skirt: Roma – was a group gift by Euphoria Couture. Join the group for monthly gifts and sale notices.
Hat: NSP Country Roses Floppy Hat in Cream – L$10 from the NSP booth at the Wash Nothing Over L$10 Sale (event ends Sept. 16, 2015)
Basket: NSP Peony Flower Girl Basket, Mint. Join the NSP Florals Update Group for many wonderful freebies.
Belt: freebie from May’s Soul – hit the subscribe board to get free gift
Skin: Immortalia Arahven by Plastik. Was a free gift from Fantasy Faire 2015.

I realized when I posted this to my Flickr stream that I would have to make a Bargain Hunter post out of it. And then I knew I also had to include this awesome location and add the post to the Places to Go category too. 2 for 1 special, woohoo!

The lesson from this post? You don’t need a lot of Lindens to make your avvie look fabbie!

At this point I have to provide a small disclaimer: Some of these groups do cost Lindens to join them. However, once joined, the number of awesome freebies and gifts make the joining more than worthwhile! As example, the Euphoria Couture group costs L$25 to join, but getting this outfit as a group gift made it a bargain right away! The NSP Florals Update Group costs L$75 to join, but ohmygoddess, there are SO many AWESOME group gifts and ridiculous events like the L$10 sale currently available to group members that it is SUCH a bargain!

So the lesson is, do the hunts, go to the Faires and sale events, join some fave designer groups and between the gifts and hunt prizes, your avvie and your digs will be decked out in no time! To keep up with those fabulous hunts, join the Historical Hunts. Ltd group in world, run by the fabulous Perryn Peterson, to receive notices and updates for the best Second Life hunts.

That’s it for this adventure, my loves. For even more fun, be sure to read the little snippet stories I wrote to go along with the photos, especially the crab one. That Calvin is a hoot! Those stories are found in the captions of the photos in this post, and also in the descriptions under the photos on Flickr.

Got Thoughts? Please share them 😊. I love to hear your ideas and suggestions for new realms to visit!

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