"Faerie in Meditation" art inspired by guided meditation by Nicholas Ashbaugh

Now Accepting Custom “Inner Goddess” Art Commissions

Are you an entrepreneur or business owner looking for a piece of art you can use in your marketing and branding efforts? Or perhaps you would just love to see yourself as your inner fantasy character? This style of art is perfect for those who are practitioners of spiritual arts, tarot readers, intuitives, and plain ol’ lovers of all things Faerie and Fantasy!

Recently I had the pleasure of creating a couple of custom Inner Goddess art pieces, one each for two amazing women. I had so much fun and felt so much inspiration while creating these that I’ve decided to add Inner Goddess / Fantasy Character art commissions to Goddess Whispers offerings.

You’ll find easy peasy links to where you can order your own custom Inner Goddess art at the bottom of this post, so just scroll down if you want to skip to that. ✨🌞✨🧚🏽‍♀️✨

Otherwise, check out the below examples of the Inner Goddess art you can have created especially for YOU! These were all inspired by a unique person, and such inspiration results in Source energy flowing through the creation process. I love how these custom art pieces turned out, and I can’t wait to create one for YOU!

Inner Goddess: Adry the Soul Whisperer

This piece was created specially for the fabulous, amazing custom crystal jewelry creator and intuitive goddess spirit, Adry the Soul Whisperer. Adry’s spirit is full of flowing, watery energy and she is the Queen of Crystals! Adry’s fave colors are blues – teals – purple, and she requested her spirit being be mermaid. Adry shared a beautiful story with me, with details from of one of her meditation inspired visions, and this custom art piece brought all those elements together. I’m happy to report that Adry loves it!

RL Commission - Created for Adry the Soul Whisperer - IG: @adry_the_soulwhisperer/
Custom art created for Adry the Soul Whisperer – click for larger view

I love Adry! And Adry loves Goddess Whispers… so I proposed a mutually beneficial power partnership, since we both attract the same kind of audience, are both on Instagram, and we both enjoy reels. We decided to do a trade – I created this custom art piece for her and am gifting her with the original art as a digital file and also on a custom designed jumbo coffee mug from the Goddess Whispers shop on Zazzle.

Meanwhile, Adry is creating beautiful, crystal encrusted hair chopsticks for me. Ohemgeee I can’t wait to see them when they are done!!! And when we each have the other’s gifts in hand, we will show them off in our reels – cross-promotion referral marketing at its finest! Adry’s custom creations will be a perfect addition to reels showing off my mugs, I can use them as a magic wand that magically fills the mug with tea or something lol, and she can have her mug on her work table while she creates. We will def intro each other to our respective audiences, who will love both our stuffs. Win Win!

Inner Goddess: Rockin’ Rawbone

My friend Robin is as interesting as she is creative! Through her biz Rockin’ Rawbone, she is purveyor of all things retro funky, punky, desert, and alien. Found at pop-up markets near Joshua Tree, CA fall thru spring, the Rockin’ Rawbone booth is sure to please the masses of city hipsters who come out to find funky hi-desert things.

Robin’s other heart project is a theatrical musical experience called Alien Probe. All the band members dress like aliens, and Robin plays the theremin, an interesting electronic instrument played without touching it at all. Instead, the musician makes motions around the instrument’s two antennas, which pick up on the vibrational frequencies created by the motion and send them to the speakers for our listening pleasure. The theremin creates an eerie sound that goes well with the Alien themed experience created by Alien Probe.

Inner Goddess series: Take Me to Your Dealer - custom art created for Rockin' Rawbone
Custom art created for Rockin’ Rawbone – click for larger view

This awesome retro space babe with awesome boots was created especially for Robin, whose fave color is orange, and who sports fiery red hair often worn in two high ponytails. The retro space gal just wants to have fun. Her orange wings and boots nicely compliment her lovely alien-green tinged skin. That’s her, traipsing around the galaxy finding the best parties wherever she goes!

Inspired by: Sarah Vrba

Ok for this one I need to start with some fun facts: I do not know and have never met Sarah Vrba in person. I am simply a follower and fan of hers, I love her videos and find her messages to be so lovely and uplifting, and her spirit too. One day after watching one of her readings I was just moved and inspired by Source to create this image, “Celestial Goddess Messenger.”

Celestial Messenger
“Celestial Goddess Messenger” art inspired by Sarah Vrba, one of my fave intuitives – click for larger view

This art is great for Tarot readers and intuitives in general, but her look really is inspired by and in tribute to Sarah – she has the long, dark, wavy hair and wears the crystal crowns often seen on Sarah. I would love to send Sarah a coffee mug or something. If any of my 4 readers out there just happens to know Sarah Vrba personally, please show her this, LOL. I sent an email via her site but she prob gets thousands so I doubt it is ever seen. In the meantime, check it out on some cool stuff!

Inspired By: Nicholas Ashbaugh (but she’s my Inner Goddess:)

Again we start with the facts: I do not know and have never met Nicholas Ashbaugh in person. Again, I am simply a fan and follower of Nicholas’s YouTube channel, and I adore his Weekly Collective readings. Nicholas does the BEST intuitive card readings ever, and what I love about him is his genuineness, compassion, and innate desire to be a conduit of positivity only. You won’t hear any weird dire warning in his readings, lol.

At the end of the collective reading, Nicholas will play a tone for us on something like a triangle or singing bowl, and then proceed with a short guided meditation. Every time I participate in this meditation I feel so lovely, calm, peaceful, tranquil, and empowered after. Nicholas’s visualization guidance one day was to see ourselves meditating, sitting or standing in a field of flowers, with golden light shining down on us from the sun and also emanating from within us.

Inner Goddess series (mine:) - Faerie in Meditation - full version
“Faerie in Meditation” – inspired by a vision gained during a guided meditation by Nicholas Ashbough- click for larger view

This piece was inspired by what I saw in my mind’s eye that day, a rendering of that image in my soul. Though this art was inspired by Nicholas Ashbaugh’s wonderful guided meditation, it’s really representative of my Inner Goddess – whereas the piece that was inspired by Sarah Vrba is more representative of her. I’ve put “Faerie in Meditation” on some stuff in my shop on Zazzle and it is also available to purchase as an NFT through GoddessWhispersArt on Opensea!

With crypto prices so low right now, it is a great time to buy NFTs! If you are a fan of faeries, meditation, spirituality, law of attraction and all that great foo foo stuff, and you collect NFTs, you will love it!

Want Your Own Inner Goddess Art?

Are you driven by spirit and passion, and prefer custom art created especially for you over cookie cutter items? Send me a message for info and pricing, and let me create a custom art piece specially designed for you! Rates are $250 for personal use art with no commercial use rights included -perfect for lovers of fantasy and goddesses! $1250 for art that includes commercial use rights so you can use it for business purposes and branding. Especially great for intuitives, tarot readers and Goddess embracing guides and coaches!

✨🤗 ✨🌞✨🧚🏽‍♀️✨

Yes I Want My Inner Goddess Art for Personal Use!

Click here to use this convenient order / appointment form to order your custom created Inner Goddess Art for personal use for only $250. You will be guided through the payment process and you will schedule a 30 minute consultation appointment via zoom, where I will meet YOUR inner Goddess or God, get to know you and your Inner Being, and be inspired by them to create your custom art piece. Final art files will be provided digitally and are for personal use only. Any art contracted as personal use and later found to be used commercially (as branding for your business, sold in any format, used in business collateral, on business cards or any other printed or electronic piece that promotes your business, etc) will pursued for payment for commercial use rights ($1250)

*Please note, I do not sell the actual avatars. You will not be able to download this avatar and use it in the meta verse. I’m just creating digital art files using avatars and virtual worlds as my paint and canvas.

Yes I Want My Inner Goddess Art with Commercial Use Rights!

Click here to use this convenient order / appointment form to order your custom created Inner Goddess Art for commercial use for $1250. You will be guided through the payment process and you will schedule a 30 minute consultation appointment via zoom, where I will meet YOUR inner Goddess or God, get to know you, your business, and your Inner Being, and through them be inspired in creating your custom art piece. Additional meetings may be scheduled as needed for art created for commercial use. Final art files will be provided digitally and include commercial use rights.

*Please note, I do not sell the actual avatars. You will not be able to download this avatar and use it in the meta verse. I’m just creating digital art files using avatars and virtual worlds as my paint and canvas.

I can’t wait to see YOUR Inner Goddess!

Got Thoughts? Please share them 😊. I love to hear your ideas and suggestions for new realms to visit!

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