image of a purple moth fairy unwinding in the hot stone pool


AHHHH….. to find a peaceful hot pool in a warmed marble basin.  

AHHHH….. a glorious respite of solitude and gratitude, where one can unwind, relax, be at peace, feel the vibe.  Rejuvenated by that which comes from within, with no distractions other than the songs of Mother Earth and her Children, her Dance around the Sun, and her Winds gently blowing through the open tower top sending small waves rippling across the hot water. 

AHHHH….. dusk falls, and brings with it comets that fly across the heavens, casting a cool blue-hot trail of light behind them.  

AHHHH….. to curl up in the hot waters, and let them slowly unwind my body while the wind unwinds my mind, carrying away all cares and thoughts of the day.

AHHHH….. To let go. 

AHHHH…..  Freedom.

AHHHH….. to be dozing off here and now is a beautiful blessing✨


Got Thoughts? Please share them 😊. I love to hear your ideas and suggestions for new realms to visit!

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