Must See! 1867, The Virtual Pfaffenthal in Second Life

Like history? Or maybe, like me, you like it better when it is made more interesting, the way this wonderful build does. I am looking forward visiting to this history lesson. Many thanks to Honour McMillan for bringing this gem to us!

Honour's Post Menopausal View (of Second Life)

1867 The Virtual Pfaffenthal (general)

I went to visit Pfaffenthal in complete ignorance. I hadn’t read any blog posts at that point, so I didn’t really have any idea what I was going to find.

I came away with a renewed understanding of how much world history I don’t know. This was a very cool experience!

1867 The Virtual Pfaffenthal (general)

If, like me, you were unaware – Pfaffenthal is the name of a quarter in Luxembourg City. In the mid 1900s it was home to a Fortress known as the Gilbralter of the North, the culmination of 9 centuries of fortification.

As a result of a major kerfuffle known as the Luxembourg Crisis, the 1867 Treaty of London decreed that the fortifications had to be torn down.

1867 The Virtual Pfaffenthal (general)

As part of a major exhibition, the Luxembourg City Museum has…

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