Pandora's Box of Dreams - Dream 004: Del Mar Dream

Pandora’s Box of Dreams – Dream 004: Del Mar Dream

One of my favorite realms in SL is Pandora’s Box of Dreams. Like dreams, the amazingly beautiful builds in Pandora’s Box of Dreams are not permanent. Each Dream lasts for only a set period of time, then it is gone, and a new Dream takes its place in our virtual hearts. This post focuses on Dream 004: Del Mar Dream, but I will soon eventually probably never write posts with pics from the first 3 dreams too. As always, to see any of the images in their glorious larger sizes, just click on the image to see it in my Flickr photostream.

Pandora’s Box of Dreams, Dream 004: Del Mar Dream

Aaaaaaah, a tropical island paradise, this Del Mar Dream! This Dream is filled with sights and sounds to please your senses and take you away on a virtual vacation where you can forget real life worries for a while and stick your perfect pixel toes in some clean, white sand and crystal clear water.

One of the great things about these Pandora Dreams is that they are extensive and there is so much to explore. I’ve found some great spots already but there is still SO much more to explore!

First Stop, a Great Spot for Morning Coffee
Is there really any better way to greet the day than enjoying a nice cup of coffee served with a cool breeze and killer view? I don’t think so.

Morning Coffee
I don’t eat animals, so in my dream that lobster was just visiting for the morning. Lobsters can live outside of water for a short while if their gills are kept moist. He’s just sitting in a little personal sized pool of water to keep him comfy, lol.

Decisions, Decisions
Hmm, in one hand a plate of delicious and healthy fruit, in the other hand a plate of vegan sweets, also delicious buuuut probably not as healthy as the fruit. Which plate will be emptied first?

Decisions, Decisions
Monarchy Wings: Fancy Fairy • Top and Skirt: Stars Fashion Summer Love Blue • Butterfly Crown: Evie’s Closet • Living Light Horns: Plastik • Fruit Plate: Linden freebie • Sweets Plate: poche • Plumeria Blossom Leis on hips and neck, sorry folks they are so old I have no idea where they are from, creator’s profile is empty

News and Gossip
After all that eating it’s time to relax and exchange all the latest Faery lands news and gossip with River Vale. They started out chatting and playing catch up, but soon they ceased, enthralled by the sound of the ocean, the trees, the birds and insects, the children running further up the beach, the wind in the palms. So many stories these sounds told. How could they resist the listening?

Anchored in Pandora's Box of Dreams, Dream 004: Del Mar Dream
Pandora’s Box of Dreams – Dream 004: Del Mar Dream is a breezy, tropic island filled with sights and sounds that take you away to a virtual vacation paradise.

Castles in the Sand
As the day wears on and the clouds roll in we can get out from under the sun shelters and have some fun building castles in the sand. Elven arches (they’re there, they’re just on the other side!) and turrets with a view are on the castle’s list today. Hopefully those big, ripe coconuts won’t fall and roll over the castle before the tide comes in to wash it away.

Castle Dream

Wash Time
As dusk falls and the day comes to an end it’s time to wash all the sand and sweat off. The ocean is soothing, but this tub is full of fresh water and stocked with nice smelling things like candles and Cheeky Shampoo and soft, soft towels for drying off before stepping onto the sand again. Hmmm, warm bath, candlelight and a good book to read. Only thing missing is a glass of wine.

W is for Wash Time

Next Day’s Catch
From the sea she got her inspirations, from the sea she got her decorations. Coral and sea stars and sea horses, shiny pearls and iridescent fish scales and flowing seaweed strands clothed her when she ventured to the realms of the land dwellers.

Fresh Catch of the Day

Demonic Seaweed Shoulder Cape  •  Bra and Hat: Soraida Coral Mermaid Princess Accessories  •  Armbands, modesty scales, belly jewel & skirt: Evie’s Closet Lumina Mermaid – Water Nymph  •  Wrist flowers: Sakide Kadea Cuffs (outfit)  •  Necklace: Angelwing Xylia Pan Pipes  •  Ears: Gauze Willow Ear  •  Skin: Angel Rock Anzhela Ebony

But What About the First 3 Dreams?

The First Dream was a beautiful walk through a magical realm that had some nicely forested areas with hints of Asian influence – pagoda arches, blossoming cherry trees, waterways with lotus flowers and floating paper lanterns. It was a little piece of paradise, and when it went away I was heartbroken.

Of course back then I didn’t realize that it was planned that way, I thought it was just another victim of high SL land fees or something. But then lo and behold, Dream 002 was gifted to us faithful followers and Pandora’s Box of Dreams group members! Dream #2 also boasted some hints of Asian influence but this time there was a lot more water in the realm, and instead of forest we had small meadows with lemon trees and breezy, gauzy fabric draped shelters where we could rest in a comfy hanging chair or enjoy tea and sushi with friends. But wait, there was more! For the folks that really do their exploring, a hidden entrance to underwater tunnels would be found, and in those tunnels there were more beautiful sights to behold. But that is for another post. Onward!

Dream 003 brought us a world of watery wonder. No land at all, just lots of magical, dreamy and whimsical creatures and perches perfect for taking fantasy photos. It’s kind of hard to explain, so just go check out the post for Dream #3 when it is up and take a look for yourself.

In the meantime, check out the Pandora box of Dreams Flickr group for pics taken in the realm of Dreams.

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