Bird Gang photo

Paradise Art Colony at Perfect Paradise

I had the pleasure of doing a photo shoot with a handsome winged elf, Mac Silvercloud. In addition to being winged and handsome, Mac also happens to be naked most times. He suggested a lovely clothing optional sim for his shoot, and off we went to the Paradise Art Colony in the Perfect Paradise sim.

You are now forewarned that there are a few tasteful, artistic nude photos in this blog post. They’re not raunchy at all, just pretty, but if you don’t want to see any nudity, please don’t continue any further.

Upon arrival at Paradise Artist Colony, I received a notecard explaining (in part):

 PARADISE ARTIST COLONY @ PERFECT PARADISE is a community of creative people, living on a natural island with the aim of fostering creative pursuits wherever possible…a group dedicated to the encouragement of creativity and providing a home for artists, musicians, performers, literary and creative folk so they could concentrate on their craft…Everyone is welcomed to share in these ideals – to take off their shoes and bling, and just BE.

Ok well this goddess faery doesn’t wear shoes anyway, and Mac had nothing left to take off, so we were ready to BE. As always, you can click the photos to see them in their glorious, larger sizes on Flickr.

Waterfalls, Palm Trees, and Mac

From the landing point we saw some lovely waterfalls and lots of lush palm trees, a spot just begging to be enjoyed for a spell.

Sea Foam Kind of Evening
From the landing point you can find waterfalls and palm trees, a great spot to admire before going farther into Paradise.

Mac was a perfect photo model – willing and patient, lol! And nary a protest at my “ew no, not that pose” and “ok perfect now it’ll just be another 15 minutes or so to find the right lighting / colors” and “are you sure you don’t have any more poses in your inventory? I can’t rezz mine here.” 

Tangerine and Lime
Tangerine and Lime, what a great color combination when it falls on Angel skin. Mac is wearing:
“Gary” Mesh Nipple Rings by L’Uomo
Mesh Hair and Hairbase – Orion Orchid by Wasabi Pills
Devine wings – purple by DRD
#TheMeshProject Beta Free body, which comes with skin, hands and feet.

After we got our fill of pretty waterfalls and and palms, on we went to find some more spots. And Paradise Art Colony didn’t disappoint!

Perfect Hammock Paradise

Who can resist a hammock hanging between two idyllic little islands! Not me, and not Mac. A little moon bathing was clearly in order for Mac whilst I messed with lighting. This beautiful mood was set using the Bryn Oh’s Bluniverse windlight setting.

Moon Bathing
Moon bathing at Paradise Artist Colony in the Perfect Paradise sim. This sim is aptly named.


This pic insisted I write a little story snippet to go with it, so below we take a break from our tour of Paradise and get the story instead 🙂


It was a long and tiresome journey, the fall from Heaven to Earth. He fell into the water and just drifted for awhile, submersed, letting the current carry him and soothe his tired muscles and heal his burned skin.

After a time he rose to the surface, and found a quiet spot to sit and gather his thoughts, and wonder what to do next, and how he would make his way in this world, so tiny and limited compared to where he was from. He had to admit though, it was beautiful, this Earth, and the sounds of the water and the night insects and birds were pleasing.

There was much for him to ponder.


Ok, back to the tour!

Moonlight Bathing

Next we found a very pretty cave filled with all kinds of colorful plants and flowers, which had waterfalls streaming down its back walls. I tried and tried, but I just couldn’t give up this fabulous blue lighting, nor find a great shot I liked amidst all the flowers. So Mac whipped out some new poses he bought on the fly and we got a great moon bathing shot that was expressive of his spiritual side.

Moonlight Bathing
The Angel stood in the moonlit waterfall’s mist, receptive to the rays and drops, and all the good things found in the cosmos and on the Earth.

It was late and we reached the end of the night for my willing photo subject, who had to leave, so we said goodnight. Thank you for being such a great model, Mac, it was a lot of fun SL shooting you!

But I wasn’t quite at the end of my night yet, so off I went to explore more beautiful spots at the Paradise Art Colony!

It’s Not a Gang, It’s a Club

Critters!  Yaaaay!  I loooove critters!  And I found a group of lovely birds claiming this rock as their own. One of them had a challenge ahead.

It's Not a Gang, It's a Club

Harvey the green parrot wondered if he would make the cut. These were tough old birds, and he was just a happy parrot who liked to sing. The hazing was going to be rough, he just knew it, but he tried not to let it ruffle his feathers. When he put his beak to the grindstone, he could crack even the hardest nuts. Yep, it was gonna be a long night alright, but he was up to it, and in the morning, he would be one of the gang.

Faery Garden at Night

Not far past the critters was an enchanted faery garden.

Faery Garden at Night

The bubbles rose from crevices that reached deep inside the Earth. Inside were exotic flowers, strands of unicorn tail hairs, glowing caterpillars, and some even contained entire universes.

The lighting bugs came to light their path and welcome them into the realm. Tiny faery lights danced and swirled, beckoning the bubbles, “come, come and dance with us, let us look inside you, let us burst you and set your gifts free!”

Some of the bubbles followed the faery lights, and let themselves be opened, but others steered clear, knowing that their precious contents were not meant for this world.

Faery Dreams

Last but not least, Prettyflower found a place to pose for a last pic before she fell asleep at the keyboard.

Faery Dreams

Rose Sequin Sheer Peasant Top by Nevermore Studios. This ancient store is no longer in existence, but creator Santana Lumiere’s current store is La Boheme.
Dress: “Pamela” mesh by M&M, freebie on the Marketplace!
Legband and Necklace: from Xylia outfit by Angelwing
Flower bracelet and anklet: from Kadea outfit by SAKIDE
Monarchy wings by Fancy Fairy
Hair: Nova II by Calico
Hair Flowers: Peony Crown yellow by LODE
Skin: Beatrice IKON Bronze by De La Soul – can you believe I got this gorgeous skin as a hunt prize at the Fantasy Faire a few years back? Woot!
Eyes: FantasEyez SerenityViolet by GG’s Boutique

I hope you enjoyed this tour of the beautiful Paradise Art Colony in Perfect Paradise!

Please leave a comment and let me know if you’ve been there, or go there, or if you have any suggestions for beautiful realms to explore.

I’m always looking to earn some extra Lindens, so if you would like regular posts featuring your lovely locations, events or fantasy fashions please contact Prettyflower Vale in world. Please drop a notecard, as IMs get capped.

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Have a lovely Second Life, beautiful avvies!

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  1. Thank you for the little escape into such a beautiful spot. The photos are amazingly pleasing to the eye! I enjoyed hearing how you went about creating your visual art via the photo shoot, and then reading the contemplative yet tranquil imaginings they inspired. I will visit here more often ;o)


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