Shambhala Sanctuary aerial view

Shambhala Sanctuary – A Place to Chill Out and Get Connected

Hello my virtual gods and goddesses! Today we take a tour of a recent (for me) discovery, the beautiful and chilltastic Shambhala Sanctuary. You might remember the last tour we took, of the lovely Paradise Artist Colony on the Perfect Paradise sim. Well, somebody awesome saw that post and then sent me a landmark in world to Shambhala Sanctuary, which is a sister sim to Perfect Paradise. They said I might enjoy it, so off I went to explore.

Note 08/2016: Since I wrote this post the Sanctuary has moved.
This link is the new location.

And they were right! I fell in love with Shambhala Sanctuary, from its beautiful landscaping to the critters (you know I love my critters) to the mission that owner Shambala Kimono holds dear:

Dedicated to upholding the ancient Shambhala traditions, raising our energy, generating the sense of well being from within.

Shambhala is said to be a place of peace, tranquility and happiness. A society where all inhabitants are enlightened. An inner realm accessed through deep communion with Divine Source. Seek this communion and you too may discover…the keys to Shambhala are within you.

There are actually 3 separate parcels:

Shambhala Sanctuary, Utopia: A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Bag End. Within those parcels are a myriad of places to roam, including a landing point info center, a birdie wilderness (you know I LOVED that!), balloon tour, lovely summit where there is daily Tripura Sundri Vedic chanting at 8:30am SLT, a dance pavilion, a healing pool with sound bowls and chakra pads, an underwater Atlantium, the Floating Lotus Art Gallery in the sky, and even more great stuff not listed here. Really, so much to explore and find there, and a soothing soundtrack featuring nature sounds and native american music that adds to the whole chillaxing experience.

Camp Josepho, Seaside Cove

Our first stop is Camp Josepho, Seaside Cove. With flowers, water, a stone arch, and happy Buddha to greet you, the stress just melts away and the mood is set to “serene.”

Camp Josepho, Seaside Cove
River, Prettyflower and Aeon having a lovely chat at Camp Josepho, Shambhala Sanctuary.
A Beckoning Path

Utopia: Midsummer Night’s Dream is a place that evokes the magic found within its namesake. Beautiful flowering trees, softly glowing statues, a meadow of grasses, ferns and flowers, and a stone stairway to yet another great spot all beckoned to me as I wandered the path through this lovely realm.

peace and tranquility

Top of the Rise

Up here the view is magnificent, AND there’s a horse that is happy to oblige SL photographers as they get their fix of flix.

X marks the perfect spot

There are paths down from this rise that bring you to other delights, but if I shared everything there was to see, you wouldn’t need to go there. So I’ll let you discover those paths for yourself 😉

Healing Pool

At the Healing Pool you’ll find refreshing waters, meditation pillows perfectly set to accommodate solo travelers as well as couples and small groups of friends who are sharing their inner selves with each other while they share with the universe.

Shambhala Sanctuary Meditation

Here also are sound bowls and chakra pads, candles for blessings and for remembrance, sparkling lights and soothing sounds, all dedicated to healing the soul and restoring your center. It’s a beautiful place to connect with whatever makes you happy inside.

Sea of Gulls

Have I mentioned yet how much I love the critters in Second Life? Finding a sweet, sandy beach with a colony of seagulls hanging around was enough to send me squeeing through them, which in turn sent them flying around me.

Flight of the Seagulls

Once I left their turf the gulls settled on the sand again, awaiting the next trespasser who would send them flying.


For those who yearn for the sea there is Atlantium, an underwater realm where one can float in peace, find seating bubbles for a nice chat, or meditate by a sea goddess and watch their auras expand.

Atlantium meditation pillows

Faery Sized Hobbit House

In Bag End a big delight was found in the form of a hobbit house built large enough to accommodate humans, elves and faeries. Outside the door was a parrot that both greeted me and offered to give me a kiss if I but asked for one.

Sweet Tooth Faery at Bag End
The Sweet Tooth Faery is wearing:
Faery Wings by Angels and Daemons
Pink Knight outfit by Purple Moon Creations
Hair: Sola Black by Analog Dog

Inside, the hobbit house was every bit as warm and inviting as the houses that house actual hobbits. It was well stocked with fruit and cheese and wine and soup, but Prettyflower’s sweet tooth took over and led her right to the giant cinnamon buns. Behind her, River sat at the table and pretended to help set it.

Btw, that gorgeous outfit Prettyflower is wearing also comes with a gorgeous sword! It is unscripted, but that’s ok, since swinging it around too much might muss up the pretty flowers.

Pink Knight Full

I hope you enjoyed this tour of the beautiful Shambhala Sanctuary!

Please leave a comment and let me know if you’ve been there, or go there, or if you have any suggestions for beautiful realms to explore.

I’m always looking to earn some extra Lindens, so if you would like to see a post featuring your lovely location or fantasy themed event please contact Prettyflower Vale in world. I’m going to be posting about locations I’m exploring anyway just because I like to, but I am not above accepting bribes to visit your pretty realm next 😉

Bloggers if you need additional bodies in your photos, hit me up, SL photography is still fun for me and I can stand on one foot and hold my virtual breath for as long as you need, lol.  Please drop a notecard, as IMs get capped.

And folks who say “SL photography, what’s that?” – if  you would like a photo shoot in a pretty fantasy themed or forested location contact me in world.

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Have a lovely Second Life, beautiful avvies!

4 thoughts on “Shambhala Sanctuary – A Place to Chill Out and Get Connected

    1. Shambhala, thank you so much for the comment and share! It really was a pleasure to visit, I look forward to many more 🙂 there are so many wonderful spots there, I only wish I could have included them all, but then this post would go on into tomorrow, lol. I did post additional pics on Flickr though, woot!


    1. Zippora, thank you so much! It really is a magical place. Shambala Kimono, owner of the Sanctuary, regularly hosts chants, dances, and meditation events to help forge connections with each other, with all the Earth, with the universe. It’s a wonderful place to go to find peace 🙂 Thanks so much for visiting and leaving a comment ❤

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