Pic of Faerie Prettyflower Vale and her magical butterfly jar

Butterfly Dreams

Butterfly Dreams

by Prettyflower Vale

The butterflies dreamed they were born of magic in the Faerie’s jar that never had a lid on it, free to take flight as soon as they were ready to explore the world. Some left right away, and some stayed to visit with the Faerie for a little while, listening to her whispers of assurance that the world would be a wonderful place to explore, filled with fragrant blossoms full of sweet nectar where they could take their fill of drink.

In her soft voice she told them tales of lovely enchanted forests and pretty flowered vales until their desire to see these things for themselves lifted them out of her jar and into the cool night air, fluttering off to find a nice tree to nest in til the dawn’s warm rays coaxed them out to dance joyfully across the flower petals and get drunk on nectar.

Photo snapped at Lux Aeterna in Second Life

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