Brigid, goddess of hearth and home, offers wards of protection and soothing calm in the face of the coronavirus pandemic

Brigid’s Protection

Hello my beautiful Virtual Goddesses and Gods! 2020 has been a hell of a year, has it not? Here is just a short little something I wrote to go with the pic above to offer some calm and comfort in the face of the fear that began when the coronavirus pandemic hit. Five months later I think people’s fears have calmed a little bit, even though the virus has not, but I am posting it here anyway, just a little gift of reassurance for when those fearful moments still manage to sneak in and play havoc with our psyches.

Brigid’s Protection

by Prettyflower Vale

Brigid goddess of fire, hearth, and healing spins her protective wards and love, sending them out to all the humans who are in their homes, and especially to any who are not used to staying home and are feeling caged.

♥︎ Her inner fires she shares with all to protect and heal their bodies, burning all harmful invaders.

♥︎ With her hearth fires she comforts the humans in their homes, assuring them, “Take Heart, I Am With You, You Are Safe, and This Will Pass.”

♥︎ With her fiery warrior spirit she casts wards of protection around their homes, keeping out fear and inviting in love.

✿♥︎✿ Sending ✨💖✨ out to you all ✿♥︎✿


Photo snapped at Avin’s BnB – Ashbarrie Retreat in Second Life.

Thank you to Second Life creators 🙏 Void, Cole’s Corner, and Color Alchemists for making all your awesome sparkly special effects which make these pics possible ✿♥︎✿

Here is another resource to help you find calm, with much 🙏🏽gratitude🙏🏽 and 💖 love to Jess at Live The Life You Love for her awesomeness for posting so many wonderful videos to help us feel safe and secure and happy❣️☺️

Got Thoughts? Please share them 😊. I love to hear your ideas and suggestions for new realms to visit!

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