December Freebies: Glamorous Gowns & Gifts Aplenty

December Freebies: Glamorous Gowns & Gifts Aplenty


Hello my beautiful virtual goddesses and gods! I hope you have a lot of stamina, because there are SO many free gifts going around right now you’re going to need energy to gather them and lots of time to go through them after. Fortunately for the goddesses out there, I’ve got lots of pics of some of those fabulous freebies in this post to help you decide which goodies you want to go for.

This year I discovered the Second Life® version of Advent Calendars! There are lots of stores with Advent Calendars chock full of gorgeous gowns and fabulous free gifts!  Believe me there are a so many there, more than I can ever find myself, so here I’ll highlight just a few of my faves.

The Goodies: Links and Slurls

TWA The White Armory – no group required, a free gown in every advent calendar slot, AND it gives you past gifts too! Woohoo!

Abranimations -because animations and poses and Cat-apults, lol. Group membership required. You’ll find the Advent calendar near the landing. Just look for the group of people hanging around.

Purple Moon – cute dresses, snowflake sweater, boots, a nice variety of gifts, as you’ll see in a photo below. Upon landing you’ll see a sign directing you to the Advent calendar. Group membership is required, and all past gifts are available.

Fair Play – because Fantasy stuff from high quality vendors. Gifts are in the numbers located throughout the round path. Visit the Fair Play website for more info.

We ❤ RP – because Fantasy stuff from high quality vendors. You’ll find the gifts underneath 4 Yule trees, one in each corner of the shopping event. Visit the We Love Roleplay website for more info.

Grab Your Advent-ure HUD – at Lantian Flox in Mieville, by the landing spot you’ll see a kiosk that gives you a free HUD that will teleport you to several stores that are offering Advent calendar gifts.

Ok there you have the list of my fave freebie gift events happening right now, and below are the photos showing some of those great gifts. If you have a fave holiday gift event please do feel free to leave a link or slurl in the comments!

The Goodies: Photos

This is “where you can get it” lite – just listing where the item came from, not specifically what day gift it is or providing more links since the links are all listed above. Just giving you a glimpse of all the gorgeous goodies out there this month!

Purple Moon Advent Calendar Gifts
This pic shows all the goodies you’ll find in the Purple Moon advent calendar. This calendar gives past days’ presents too woot!


Pegasus 2
“Ice Flower” gown and flowers from the TWA Advent calendar. I modded the flower accessories to turn them white, they come in soft pastels. I left the little arm piece alone so you can see the original colors. Click any pic to see it in larger sizes on Flickr. Photo location: Ce Soir Arts



“A Formal Affair” gown from TWA (The White Armory), the red shoulder wrap is from Fair Play. Photo Location: Fires of Mischief (opening Jan 1, 2016, with a L$1000 photo contest!!)



“Scarlett Valkrie” gown from TWA. This is one of my faves, love it! Photo location: Maison de L’amitie



Reaching for the Light
“She’s So Dangerous” gown is from TWA, and the outfit comes with awesome mesh pants too. You’ll see that in the next pic. The wings are from Lyrical Bizarre, the horns with chain and lantern were from Fair Play I think. The necklace is from Purple Moon and comes with earrings and metal color HUD.



Ice Skating
The pants version of the “She’s So Dangerous” gown from TWA. The ice skates are from Abranimations and are in a box next to the calendar.


Snowman Smackdown
One of the dresses from the Purple Moon calendar. I accessorized it with string lights, leaves and flowers that came with gowns from the Peace on Earth hunt (you can see them here and here), and fur from an old outfit. This photo was taken at TWA, they have lots of fun snowpeople up getting into all kinds of hijinks right now 🙂


Winter white and red
“Ingrid” gown and necklace, Dec. group gift at Purple Moon. So while you are there grabbing up the calendar goodies, don’t forget to go inside and grab the group gift too! Fur boa is from Kaithleen’s and is a gift from the Peace on Earth hunt.



lean on me
“Arden Evenstar” gown from TWA, my other fave gown from the TWA calendar. Most of TWA’s gowns are very Elven in nature, and beautiful. The crystal crown is from Fair Play, the hair is from We ❤ RP, and the flower belt is a freebie from the May’s Soul Outlet shop. I looooove May’s Soul! Photo Location: Eclectica


That’s it for today’s Bargain Hunter post. As always, Likes and Comments are appreciated, and please do leave a link if you know of any great holiday gift events by your fave merchants!


Got Thoughts? Please share them 😊. I love to hear your ideas and suggestions for new realms to visit!

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