Faery inscribing runes on rock in Second Life

Blogging 201: Set Goals

Blogging 201: Set Goals

Hello my virtual Goddesses and Gods. Yep, I’ve done it again. I’ve gone and signed up for Blogging University’s Blogging 201 course, hot off the heels of Blogging 101. Blogging 201’s first assignment is to list 3 goals for my blog. Well shoot. Now I have to get all official like, and make goals. And here I thought I was doing this just for fun (grumble grumble).

Before we get going, since the pic up there has no caption, let me ‘splain: while humans have chalkboards and giant whiteboards to write their goals on, the Yule faery prefers her people’s tried and true method of magically inscribing glowing runes into solid rock. Fear not, when she has accomplished the goal, the runes will fade, or she can replace them with her next goal or to-do list. The humans just see pretty, scribbly, glowy runes, and have no idea it might be some mundane task. How the faeries laugh when the humans oooh and aaaah over their notes to “call mom” and “pick blueberries.”

The Goal Setting Process

The good folks over at Blogging University gave us some prompts and idea boosters to help us mull over this assignment, including these two questions:

  • Why do you blog? For notoriety? To get a book contract? To self-publish? To establish yourself as a leader in your field? To gain followers? To connect with others? To clarify your own thoughts?
  • If your blog exceeded your wildest dreams, what would that look like? Would you have a different design? How many followers would you have? How much traffic? What sort of community would participate?  How often would you post?

I read these and thought “Oh CRAP. What have I gotten myself into?” I mean, these all sound so serious and stuff. The answers to the questions in bullet #1 are: no, no, no, no, no, no, and no.

I blog here because I wanted a further exercise in the creative outlet that begins with my enjoyment of Second Life® photography. I have a whole crapload of pics over in my Flickr stream, and I started writing some little short stories in the captions on some of those pics. That kind of turned into a blog. I purposefully wanted one that was an outlet and exercise for me, that would be FUN, because I wasn’t worrying about whether I had any readers, or growing audience, or trying to drum up business. I have a business web site for that and I’d gotten completely burnt out on all that stuff. I wanted to do something just for fun again.

Pfft and now I have to make goals. Boo hiss.

As to bullet point #2, my blog already looks pretty much like my dream blog. I LOVE this theme! After all, the home page is plastered with my SL photos, and the individual blog post pages feature a big ass photo at the top. What’s not to love?! I suppose a bunch of followers wouldn’t hurt either, ideally followers who are fellow Second Life residents who might hire me out to manager their Flickr groups.

But now I have to make goals. Gah.

Ok I thought about it and thought about it, and thought about it, until I was up waaaaaaay too late. Waaaaaaaaay.too.late!  And of course that’s when I had some ideas. I whipped out the ol’ iPad and jotted them down in Notes. That process was pretty simple, no?

The Goals

Goal #1: Gain new readers while continuing to not stress or care much about gaining new readers. Sounds silly, doesn’t it? But the whole reason I started this blog was to have some FUN blogging. Stressing and pressuring myself to gain readers and followers just kills the fun factor. So I’m not going to set any numeric goal, such as 35 new readers by June 2016. I’m just going to try to carry out goals #2 and #3, and in the process of carrying out those goals, some new readers should materialize organically. And hopefully, thus my goal will be reached, without threat of ending up hating my fun blog.

Goal #2: Find Second Life specific blog prompts and participate in them. I’ve found two great sources of blog prompts specifically aimed at Second Life residents: Blogger Challenges on SL Blogger Support, and Strawberry Singh’s Berry Blog Challenges Archives. Both these sources are popular with Second Life residents, so participating in them will help me to connect with that audience, while giving me fresh exercises that will help me continue to grow and learn.

Goal #3: Keep writing short stories inspired by my Second Life photos. This is a goal because it is so easy to get sidetracked by the Bargain Hunter posts, those are popular and easy and there’s never an end to the bargains to be found. But they are not the reason I started this blog. The short stories are. So Goal #3 is to not get so sidetracked by the Bargain Hunter posts that I forget or neglect to write the Stories posts.

Bonus Goal: Get some guest blogger posts up. Specifically, I plan to ask Devin Vaughn of Bishie Style SL if he will do a short story post, because he posts fabulous little stories like this one under his Flickr photos, and they always leave me wanting to hear the rest of the story. There may or may not be any more story to it, it’s more that his stories are the back story of the character he’s created in his fantastic photos. But I love those stories, and his imagination and creativity.

I also will ask Skell Dagger, the Virtual Bloke himself, to do a Bargain Hunter fashion post or a Pet Peeves post. He is probably my favorite blogger, because I love his witty (some might even say “sarcastic”) writing, and every time I read one of his posts I just chuckle my way through it. Plus, because of him, I know what “sartorial” means, and I love a man who can make me learn a new word! Skell has a blog section called Bitch, Please that gives me full blown giggles, which is why I think he’d be perfect for a guest Pet Peeves post.


Nights are warm and the days are young (studio)
Skell Dagger is a sartorial master, who excels in finding stuff he likes and making it work, whether it’s dude stuff or not. Click the pic to go to his Flickr stream.


He would be great for a Bargain Hunter fashion post because he buys a lot of chick stuff and makes it work for males, and he is just so darn good and creative with the mixing and matching. Plus if Skell does a guest post then I don’t have to pull River out to take him around to the hunts and bargains that I’ve already taken Pretty around to, to show how to mix-n-match and make it work for males. So: witty, vocabulary laden, and less work for me if he agrees. What’s not to love about that?

Well How About That?

I was all whining and moaning about having to set 3 goals, and here I went and set FOUR of them. Go me! Maybe I should add a goal to stick to my goals, I suspect that might prove helpful in the end.




2 thoughts on “Blogging 201: Set Goals

  1. Ohh I love both of your choices for blogger inspiration! I’ve been following Devin’s tumblr for years and what a great way to present an image besides the usual buy lists…totally agree with you on Skell and his writing style he’s a clever fellow. Looking forward to reading more of your blogging adventures!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you @Wendz Tempest! You already know you are another of my faves, and yes because you also are a writer, and don’t just post a pic and links. And your pics are gorgeous! I would be thrilled to host a guest post by you, should you ever be willing and somehow find the time to write one 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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