Pet Peeves: Don't Call Me "Hun"

Pet Peeves: Don’t Call Me ‘Hun’

Pet Peeves: Don’t Call Me ‘Hun’

Hello my virtual Goddesses and Gods. Today’s Pet Peeve has to do with etiquette, and I’m curious to know whether you experience this phenomenon in Real Life as much as it happens in Second Life®. “What phenomenon is that?” you ask? Let me tell you…

It’s So Nice to See You, Hun. Please Come Back Again, Hun.

Noooooo! I’ve just been called “Hun” again! This is something I’ve really not experienced much, if at all, in Real Life, but encounter regularly in Second Life. Why do greeters, hosts, strangers, mild acquaintances, and even friends insist on calling people “hun”?  It is SO tacky.

Are we dating? No! Are we regularly referring to each other in syrupy little terms of endearment? No! Then why must you insist on using a tacky term that, as my friend Casse says, is a generic word for “I can’t remember nor do I care what your name is.” That Casse is so smart!

And if you don’t know or care what my name is, WHY would you think it’s acceptable to call me by a term of endearment when those are reserved for people who are actually DEAR? Do you not realize how much that cheapens terms of endearment?

Now, to be fair, I admit it is just a personal pet peeve and not a national disgrace. But it’s my Pet Peeves blog, so I get to rant about whatever I feel like ranting about don’t I? And I also admit that I’m not so sure why I so strongly associate the use of “hun” with greasy medieval tavern serving wench situations. Was that word even around in medieval times?

I also mysteriously don’t have as much of a negative reaction to”Sweetie” (but don’t call me Sweetie either, unless we are friends. Just don’t.). So please help a goddess out and share your thoughts on why is “Hun” so tacky, but “Sweetie” is less tacky (though still not acceptable from strangers)?  And no, NOT just because River Song and The Doctor use it.

Though generally speaking, such circumstances do make anything automatically cool, even bow ties and fez hats and extra long knitted scarfs.

Ok my rant is over. The “Huns” have been punished enough by my pet peeve page. But do tell me…what is YOUR Pet Peeve? Those comment boxes are there for a reason. Go ahead, rant away!

Many thanks to that smart faery Casse for posing for the pic up top with me. I really appreciate it, Hun. (Oooooh no she didn’t just do that! See? Just sounds so tacky!)

3 thoughts on “Pet Peeves: Don’t Call Me ‘Hun’

  1. Hah! Thank you so much! I seriously would rather scrape my nails on a blackboard endlessly for hours than be called hun. Its less irritating.
    Finally a voice to the tyranny of undue familiarity. Only one thing drives me more insane…and that is having my significant other call me ‘hun’ whilst giving the same term to every female in Second Life. Off with their heads! Ok, well maybe a little too harsh, grins.
    You go..erm…girl? LOLOLOLzzzz

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    1. heeeheehlee Shining I know the feeling. I *almost* brought up the nails on blackboard comparison in this post too, lol! And oh, I feel for you, significant others should really know better! Btw, the comment you left on the “Symphony of Life” post was just so beautifully written, it really left me wanting more. If ever you would like to do a guest post (in any category you desire, but I’m thinking Stories, or My Virtual Life), just send me a message or let me know here. I would be thrilled to host a writing by you on Goddess Whispers! If you have a blog, please do share the link!


      1. Goddess…You made my heart smile. I am humbled by your request to write and will give it serious thought. Time for me to go back to your writing 101….grinz.
        Thank you for your encouragement, it truly means more than I can say.
        Be Blessed….Shining

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