Second Life Bargain Hunter - Feyline Fashions Degha Earth Outfit

Feyline Fashions plus SweeT LieS equals Almost Free, Fabulously Fierce Tribal Tittilation

Hello my virtual Tribal Goddesses and Warrior Gods! Yes, yes, I know this post’s headline is much too long but I just don’t care. It gets across the wild nature of today’s featured Bargain Hunter look, which I call Fabulous Tribal Fierce! Ok, I admit my hair is not very Tribal messy, but hey, it’s my current favorite hair, and this whole outfit started out, as most of mine do, with “OOOOoooOOOoh I LOVE this hair, I need to make an outfit to match it.”

So maybe the hair is a little coiffed and neat for wild-n-tribal, but the skirts have some subtle silver-white trim and a bag of white rocks (magic rocks, of course) whose colors matched the hair color so well that I just had to use them. Plus they were new, so I doubly had to use them.

This look works for both gods and goddesses, as you can see in the photo below. Bits and pieces of River’s outfit, the rope accessories, are from outfits and accessories created for females, but when they cost only L$5 who cares. Plus I wanted to show how males (and females too for that matter) don’t have to limit their clothing and accessory shopping to only things listed for their gender. Just add a dash of creativity and you can pretty much blend anything you want to wear into an outfit that suitably shows off those masculine muscles and luscious curves. Or fur, scales or tentacles, oh my! Or whatever your avvie has – this is Second Life, after all, where we can be whatever we want to be.

So enough jabbering already, Prettyflower, get to the goodies!  As you wish…what they are wearing and where to find them are listed below the photo. As always, click on any of the photos to see their glorious other sizes on Flickr.

Dirt, Mud and Tattoos
Degarre for men, Degha for women, by Feyline Fashions. Plus some other stuff as listed below this pic. And.. sorry ladies, but River is just my male alt. His job is to pose for me for pics and posts like this one. Yes, he’s dreamy, but no, he’s not a real person. He’s just my model. I don’t play him because holy cow he gets hit on a lot when we shop for him, LOL.

River is Wearing:

Skirt, tattoos, leg knife, necklace, bow and arrows sheathed (unscripted), arm bands L&R: Deggare Earth outfit by Feyline Fashions.

The Deggare Earth outfit also comes with various arm and leg accessories and head feathers, and is currently available as a free group gift at Feyline Fashions – Feyda’s Forest location (Oct. 13, 2015). This outfit sells for $899 and is a GREAT group gift bargain! This place is a really beautiful build too, so do wander around and enjoy a stroll while you shop. You can join the group at either of the two locations linked here.

There are also lucky crates there and at the Feyline Fashions Walk in the Woods location. I went there last night (Oct. 12, 2015) and the crates are currently sporting Pirate style outfits. I’m not sure how often those lucky crate outfits change up, but if you join the Feyline Fashions group you’ll get notices when new outfits are put out.

Mud tattoo is from the the Sa-Tarna slave outfit by SweeT LieS, currently a L$5 promo on MP

Head rope with feathers is part of the Jane Accessories set by SweeT LieS, currently a L$5 promo on MP

Ankle ropes from the Se-Kara outfit by SweeT LieS, currently a L$5 promo on MP.  Yes these SweeT LieS outfits are for girls, but really wanted the ankle ropes for River, and at only L$5 they were bargains!

HairT.I.U. v2 Chocolate by Sage, free gift from the July 2015 Hair Fair – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again Faires, Groups and Hunts are a bargain shopper’s best friends! And the Pretty Places Tour Group too, but you’ll hear more on that later.

Pretty is Wearing:

Skirt, top, tattoos, necklace, leg knifeDegha Earth outfit by Feyline Fashions. Also comes with head feathers, bow and arrows sheathed (unscripted) and various arm and leg accessories.

Degha Earth outfit is currently (Oct. 13, 2015) available as a group gift at Feyline Fashions – Feyda’s Forest location. There are also lucky crates at this location and at the Feyline Fashions Walk in the Woods location.  When I checked last night there were Pirate style outfits in the lucky crates.

Necklace and vine leaves on arms from Valarius men’s outfit from Feyline Fashions, last month’s lucky crate at the Walk in the Woods location. See photo further down for more stuff from the Valarius outfit.

Arm and leg ropes from Stigia outfit by SweeT LieS Currently a L$24 promo on MP. By the way, the Stigia outfit is beautiful, and SUCH a bargain, comes with gorgeous yellow texture skirt and matching necklace, arm and leg ropes, top, thigh pouch, and walking staff.  You’ll definitely want to bookmark the SweeT LieS store on the MP for great tribal outfits at low prices. See photo further down for a nice pic of the Stigia outfit.

Dirt tattoo: Dirt on your skin by Roffo’s Recycling. Freebie on the Marketplace, woohoo! Can I just tell you that I absolutely LOVE this dirt tattoo! It’s great for jungle, tribal, gardening and even *cough* rolling around in the dirt.

HairSelenia Gray by MINA Designs, free gift from July 2015 Hair Fair – this is currently my very favorite hair, it absolutely shines with advanced lighting turned on, as you can see in this photo. Designer Mina Nakamura uses something called Materials when she makes her hairs. Find out what the heck that is at  I’ve gotta say MINA is my fave hair designer right now.

More Valarius outfit stuff:

Garden of Eden - Birth of Eve 01
From the Valarius outfit by Feyline Fashions: Vines on arms. Chest piece – this was actually a necklace that I modded to make a top out of it. Leg sticks and vines. Outfit also comes with star tattoos for face, which I love, but they weirdly make my head and feet a different color than my body so I don’t wear them. Also comes with additional leaves for various body parts. It’s a lot of fun!

More Stigia outfit stuff:

Stigia outfit by SweeT LieS
Stigia outfit includes skirt, top, rope arm and leg bands, headband, thigh pouch, necklace, and a walking staff.

Want to Go on a Guided Bargain Hunting Tour?

I’ve recently created the Pretty Places Tour Group over in Second Life, and along with the exciting sky-n-scuba diving adventures and photo tours of scenic sims, I am planning Bargain Hunter shopping trips where I will take folks to some of my fave locations where you can get excellent bargains. Those include L$10 gacha outlets, stores with great group gifts, and hunt events.

Pretty Places Tour Group is for folks who like to explore all that Second Life has to offer and want to meet fellow wanderers. We know that not all who wander are lost! So next time you are in world, please copy and paste this link to join the group! Or just search for Pretty Places Tour Group.

Got Thoughts? Please share them 😊. I love to hear your ideas and suggestions for new realms to visit!

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