The Lost Unicorn Gallery and Forest

The Lost Unicorn Gallery and Forest

Hello my lovely virtual Gods and Goddesses! It’s time for another awesome location tour, woohoo! In this post we’ll be visiting The Lost Unicorn Gallery and Forest. Lost Unicorn is the perfect place to go to admire both some beautiful fantasy art and a beautiful fantasy forest build. Owner Natalie Montagne is a….you guessed it…beautiful! elf maiden whose love for fantasy art motivated her to create the Lost Unicorn Gallery and Forest. She wanted a place for those who love art, with inspiring spaces and scenery which would provide artists and photographers with lots of great photo opps. And in this mission Natalie succeeded with flying colors! As an added bonus, there’s a dragon perched atop the castle too! 😊 So let’s begin the tour shall we? As always you can click on any of these photos to see them in their glorious other sizes on Flickr.

The Lost Unicorn Gallery

The Lost Unicorn Gallery resides in a lovely old European style castle atop a large hill. Water flows out from beneath the castle to join the river that meanders through the forest. At the Gallery entry you’ll be greeted with signs to let you know what is currently on display, or what contest is underway.

Lost Unicorn Gallery Entry

Owner Natalie Montagne plays host to a plethora of incredible Second Life and Real Life artists’ works in the Gallery. This is a must visit place for any art lovers, and a great destination for those who want to skip the same old, same old club routine and take their sweetie out on an art and garden walk date. Be sure to plan enough time for your gallery date though, because the castle is big enough to display works from a bevy of Second Life and Real Life artists.

Art by Rainbow Mubble
Prettyflower checks out beautiful art works by amazingly talented Second Life photographer and blogger Rainbow Mubble.

Photographers and artists will both be inspired by the works they see displayed in the gallery and will find some nice photo opportunities themselves in the cute little critters that call the gallery castle home. Lost Unicorn also provides a nice, cozy reading nook for those who just want to chill in a lovely, quiet space to do their reading or writing.

Play Time
Cute little critters frolicking in the gallery near a display of artworks by Luka Henusaki.

Perfect Spot Waiting for You

So now you’ve gone through The Lost Unicorn Gallery castle and admired all the artworks inside. It’s time to go outside for a walk through the Forest!

The Lost Unicorn Forest

From the gallery, a path winds down the hill and through the half sim build, all the way to the water. The walk is a lovely stroll through a magical place that was designed with artists and photographers in mind. There are lots of built in scenes just ready to be snapped, including mythical creatures so nicely standing still for fabulous photo seekers!


It’s a great place to experiment with different WindLight settings and points of view, and there is a Lost Unicorn Gallery Flickr Group that you can join for posting your best Lost Unicorn Flicks. You might even find one of the pics you posted to the group used for the group cover photo!

moss and firelight

The scenic view is just gorgeous from the bottom of the path, along the water that comes from the gallery, and looking back up at the castle. One of the things I love about sims that build vertically as well as horizontally is that they provide a nice variation of viewpoints from which to take scenic photos. I love the view from the bottom as much as I do the view from the top!

The Lost Unicorn Gallery and Gardens
That’s the end of our tour for today. Do visit the Lost Unicorn Gallery web site to stay up to date with current exhibitions and contests. There you’ll also find links to Natalie’s Lost Unicorn Facebook and Twitter profiles. Note that there is a Halloween photo contest running right now, from Oct. 4th – 25th, 2015! There is a limit to how many photos you can enter, and some other rules apply as well so be sure to go check out the blog post with all the contest details.

Go visit The Lost Unicorn Gallery and Forest. You’ll be glad you did 🙂  If you see Natalie, please tell her Prettyflower sent you. I’m always trying to score some faery points wherever I can, lol!

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