Infinity And Beyond at Fallen Gods in Second Life

Fortune Teller Machines Predict Great Bargain at Fallen Gods in Second Life

Aaaah, my virtual fantasy Goddesses and Gods, I look into my crystal ball and I see a great bargain in your future! Yes, yes, that’s it, come closer my loves, and gaze into the misty vision, and see yourself as a beautiful goddess or gorgeous god, your body itself a mirror of deep space and mystic starlight, your eyes swirling vortexes guaranteed to mesmerize any who gaze upon you! Yes, yes, long flowing hair you have, and you are surrounded by your court, a cascade of lighted fireflies shining their golden glow upon you.

Aaaah, but how will you become so utterly fabulous, you ask?  Let me tell you….

Fortune Teller Machines at Fallen Gods

The Fortune Teller Machine adds a little fun to the lucky chair type of prize hunting. More than just a chair with a letter, this machine has a bona fide Fortune Teller sitting inside. Two people are required to sit at the machine for it to work. When two people sit, the Teller channels a cryptic message for one of the sitters, and then determines whether and how much of an astral connection the two sitters have to each other. An astral connection of 100% delivers the prize to both lucky sitters!

Fortune Teller Machine at Fallen Gods

Let me tell ya SL peeps, the prize currently being dispensed by the Fortune Teller at the Fallen Gods, Inc. store is worth however many sits it takes to win it! It is a complete avvie, with different parts donated by some of the best creators in Second Life! As always, click on any image to see its glorious other sizes on Flickr.

Gazing Into Infinity

Here’s a breakdown of what you receive in the prize package:

Both a male and female version are included in the prize package!

The skins are absolutely stunning! They are called Sidera Infinity, come in regular and PG (no nipples) versions, and are provided by Fallen Gods, Inc. A crapload of appliers are included, too. They also include a female shape and eyebrows set called Ophelia (not shown in this pic). Male version includes Adam male shape and eyebrows. And yeah, Adam is hot 😀 The glowing eyes are totally awesome, also called Infinity and created by Fallen Gods.

Accessories are part of the Infinity outfit and created by Fallen Gods. Those include the head circlet, the shoulder pieces, arm snake, and infinity loop belt piece. They come in gold as shown in the photo at the top of this post, but can be modded – the pic above shows some modding in color for the circlet, shoulders and belt piece.

Hair is Jaden Mesh Hair by Wasabi Pills.

Dress is Aura Infinity by Faida. Faida teams up with Fallen Gods a lot and it is a great team!

Sparklies are Firefly Starfield by Cole’s Corner.

The pose and orb are by Musa, and were not included in the Infinity Package. They were, however, a free gift from the 2015 Fantasy Faire!

One More Thing!

If you go to Fallen Gods to try your luck on the Fortune Teller Machine to grab this fabulous freebie, be sure you stay after your shopping is done and wander the sim – it’s GORGEOUS and it’s really one of my favorite places just to go to chill out and relax when I want to be surrounded by beauty.

Throned at Sunset

Fallen Gods Sim
Wander around the area built on top of the Fallen Gods store to find some great bargain booths and enjoy pretty scenery!

That’s it my lovelies, until next time! For more great finds check out the Bargain Hunter section of this blog and join the Pretty Place Tour Group for hosted Bargain Hunter trips where yours truly will take you to on a bargain excursion to the best lucky crates, group gifts and L$10 Gacha stores around! (Copy and past the Pretty Places Tour Group link in Second Life chat to get the group link.)

Got Thoughts? Please share them 😊. I love to hear your ideas and suggestions for new realms to visit!

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