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How to Organize Second Life Inventory and Have Fun!

Hello my beautiful virtual goddesses and gods, and happy holidays! Tofurkey Day aka Thanksgiving is just around the corner in my part of the world, and I am feeling so grateful for the beautiful cool weather and all the fun I’ve been having in all my lovely realms, both real and virtual! 2020 has been a heck of a year has it not?!! With everything going on out there in real life, Second Life has been a nice respite. As many are experiencing a tighter than usual budget in these crazy times, it is the perfect time to go INVENTORY SHOPPING woohoo! That’s secret code for having fun while you are organizing your Second Life inventory!

What is this Inventory Shopping you speak of, Prettyflower?

Oh, I am so glad you asked! Inventory shopping is when you spend some time going through your inventory folders to uncover and unpack all those lost treasures of ages past that you just never did get around to unpacking and organizing yet. It’s a great way to find “new” old stuff without spending a single linden! Thinking of it as Inventory Shopping removes the “chore” mindset and replaces it with a “fun shopping woohoo” mindset.

Inventory Shopping (aka organizing your Second Life inventory) is great for those times when you’ve logged in, but you don’t feel like clubbing, or exploring, or taking pics, you just don’t know what you feel like doing but you have a couple of hours to kill. What to do, what to do? Go Shopping! Without leaving your home 🙂 First, here’s a few general inventory organizing tips, then we’ll get more into the inventory shopping.

Organizing Second Life Inventory Tip #1:

Whenever you do a hunt or go around taking up free gifts (and there’s a lot of that during the upcoming winter holidays!), be sure to create a folder named by Hunt in your inventory. All the stuff you get, put into that folder as soon as you collect it. Much better than having stuff all over the place loose.

Organizing Second Life Inventory Tip #2:

Any time you are shopping, whether for clothing, avatar body parts, accessories, whatever – make sure you create folders that will enable you to easily find what you need when you need it, and put your new item in there asap. For example, I have a folder called “Body Parts” and inside that are folders for “Mesh Heads,” “Eyes,” “Nails,” “Hair,” etc. Inside my “Clothing” folder I have sub-folders for “Dresses long,” “Dresses mid-length,” “Dresses short,” “Rompers & Shorts,” “Tops,” “Harnesses,” “Footwear,” etc. There is no cookie cutter system, it depends on what your tastes are in clothing, what you have a lot of and what you wear most.

pic of Organized Second Life Inventory example #1
Organized Second Life Inventory example #1
pic of Organized Second Life Inventory example #2
Organized Second Life Inventory example #2

Organizing Second Life Inventory Tip #3:

Inside my Clothing folder and right at the top I have a folder called “New Items to Sort.” That’s for when I’m shopping and don’t have time to sort each thing right when I get it. It will go into the “New Items to Sort” folder and then I know right where to go to find that new thing I bought yesterday but didn’t unpack and sort yet

Now you can raid your ‘Hunt’ and ‘New Items to Sort’ folders to create an awesome new look that isn’t really new, but it’s new to you!

That’s right, now that you’ve got a little start on organizing your inventory with the tips above, you can easily find folder to raid to go Inventory Shopping woohoo! Right now I am loving this “new” outfit I made from cool stuff I found while inventory shopping last night. Yesterday I got some pretty new hair flowers that my lovely bestie Ali H gifted to me, and I wanted to make an outfit to go with them. I used to be addicted to hunts in Second Life, and now it was time to make that addiction work for me. So I peeked into my massive yet well-organized inventory and chose a nice fat folder labeled “WLRP Sept. & Dec. 2016.” Yep, finally, in 2020 I got around to unpacking free goodies I scored in 2016! As you can see, I had some really nice gems hiding in those old folders!

Prettyflower went inventory shopping and is wearing an outfit created with cool stuff found in old WLRP 2016 folders
This pic was snapped in the awesome black castle at the Elven Forest in Second Life.

The fur shawl, red vest, awesome axe, rocking wrist bracers, super cool nose guard armor, and black collar were all items I found while inventory shopping in those 2016 folders! There were other cool items in those folders too, but they didn’t make it into this outfit. They DID, however, get put into their proper places or sent to trash as I went through them. Yes, I was organizing my Second Life inventory, but No, it wasn’t a chore. Instead, it was a fun shopping trip and I got a killer new outfit out of it!

What do you think about these inventory organizing tips, and inventory shopping?

Please DO leave a comment below if you have any Second Life inventory organizing tips to share, or feedback about what you think of my inventory shopping method 🙂

Oh, and if you need help organizing your inventory in Second Life, feel free to hit me up there, Prettyflower Vale is the name. I love to be hired to help you organize your stuff! And don’t worry, I don’t need to log into your SL account, I’ll just help guide you via shared screen on Discord. No on will see your naughty groups! hehehe 😁

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