Second Life Firestorm Toolbar Buttons pic

Second Life Firestorm Photo Tool Tips: How to Customize Your Toolbars and How to Save Cam Position using the Phototools Camera Menu

Hello, my beautiful virtual Goddesses and Gods – yes, it’s time for another handy Second Life Firestorm Photo Tool Tip! And ooh boy you get a two-for-one today woohoo!

Firestorm Camera Tool Tips – How to Customize Your Toolbars and How to Save Cam Position using the Phototools Camera menu

In your firestorm toolbars – the ones found at the side and bottom of your screen – you can set up tool buttons for quick access. One of the best tool buttons any photographer will want to add is Phototools Camera. Why? Read below to find out, then go ahead and weep with happiness. 🙂

How to Customize Your Toolbars

  • Right click anywhere on the side or bottom toolbar to bring up the Toolbar Buttons menu and choose “Toolbar Buttons” to get the list of buttons you can put into your toolbars. Buttons are listed alphabetically to make the tool buttons easy to find.
  • Drag the desired buttons from the list to the toolbars in your window. You can place them at the bottom or sides of your window.
Second Life Firestorm Toolbar Buttons pic
Second Life Firestorm Toolbar Buttons

That’s it!  Yeeehaw that was easy!

How to Save Cam Position using Firestorm’s Phototools Camera menu

• In the toolbar buttons menu, choose Phototools Camera – the icon is a little video camera

• Now that you have the Phototools Camera button in your toolbar, click it to open the Cameratools window and choose Cam Controls 1 tab at top.

Firestorm Phototools Tips - Cameratools
Firestorm PhotoTools Tips – Use the Cameratools menu to save a cam position and easily go back to it if your cam moves.

• You will see two eyeballs in the middle right, one has an up arrow and one has a down arrow

• After you get your cam positioned for your shot, click the down arrow eyeball – that saves the cam position (it only saves one position at a time)

• If you move your cam away, you can then click the up arrow eyeball, and it will take you back to the cam position you saved by clicking the down arrow eyeball – be careful, it only saves one position at a time

Happy Snapping!

What Do You Use Your Photos For, Prettyflower?

Well heck I am so glad you asked! It started out as most do, just snapping pics while having fun with friends. Then the addiction slowly took over, and I learned more about using Phototools to create high resolution, large size, high quality photos, creating interesting lighting effects, using depth of field to blur the background, and more and more fun stuffs. Then one day I noticed I had a thousand plus photos on Flickr, and thought, “Wow, I should really find some use for these other than just posting them to Flickr.”

Voila, A Store Was Born!

That’s when I found Zazzle and decided to open the Goddess Whispers shop, where I use my 3D digital art to create beautiful designs on all kinds of nifty things like home decor, coffee mugs, clothing, magnets, stickers, gift items -even Wedding and Hand-Fasting announcements, and more! So if you found this post helpful and would like to show appreciation, please do me the honor of visiting the Goddess Whispers shop!

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Here’s how to do that:

1 – Use this link to sign up at Zazzle. You’ll get a great discount, and I’ll get a little perk too.

2 – Use this link to find the Goddess Whispers shop, and then click the blue FOLLOW button in the header pic.

3 – Feel groovy for helping me out and knowing you have ✨🙏🏽 much gratitude 🙏🏽✨ from me, ❀~Prettyflower Vale~❀

Here’s some samples of what you’ll see in the Goddess Whispers shop 🙂

Btw, if you would like to open a shop of your own, contact me, Prettyflower Vale in Second Life, or send me a message on Instagram for lessons details. All lessons are held online, via Zoom or Discord. Yes, you too can open your own shop for free on Zazzle. Or Redbubble. I have a Goddess Whispers shop there too woot 🙂

Got Thoughts? Please share them 😊. I love to hear your ideas and suggestions for new realms to visit!

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