Into the West: A Tale of Love, Sorrow and Hope

Hello my beautiful virtual Goddesses and Gods! Whew it has been far too long since I’ve posted, and this one is just a quickie..but you know how it is when there are two lives and many worlds to juggle. I will post again soon though, I have so many things!

My heart tends to remain in the realms of fantasy and wonder, even when my feet are grounded in the realm of Real Life. For example, as I played regular human at work today, editing some clients’ blog posts, articles, and even a curriculum vitae, I had one of my go-to working music playlists playing while I worked. For editing jobs, these tend to be playlists heavy on music with no lyrics, as the lyrics are distracting (as evidenced by my needing to stop and write this blog post, inspired by one such song).

Lord of the Rings soundtracks are usually perfect for this, providing me with lots of beautiful music that carries away the imaginative, fanciful part of my mind to the lands of elves and faeries, while leaving the part of my mind needed to do copywriting and editing alive and intact.

But then it happened. Into the West queued up and began playing. And as always happens when I hear this song, I started crying. And as always, I refused to turn off the song, even though it brings tears to me every time I hear it. It is the most beautiful song of passing I have ever heard, and it is the song that makes me think of my mother’s crossing when she left this realm for the next.

It is a sad, heartbreaking song of loss, but also a song of hope, a story of going across the sea to a more beautiful, wondrous place, with a promise that we will see each other again someday. Ever since my mother died, the song became for me a reminder of her. Instead of picturing Frodo and Gandalf on their voyage to the west I think of my mother, of how awful her last days were, and how hopeful I am that she is now in a beautiful dreamland with no pain, no cancer, no frail, aged body. That she is free to dance again in the lands of dreams and fantasies, and is enjoying all that they have to offer. And that one day I will be with her again, joining in her dance there. Someday when it is my turn to go, this is the song that I want to be played.

The link above (and again here) will take you to Annie’s beautiful Oscars performance of Into the West. The video below is found in a nice Lord of the Rings music playlist, and it displays the lyrics.

Got Thoughts? Please share them 😊. I love to hear your ideas and suggestions for new realms to visit!

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