Ce Soir, A Place to Enjoy Arts

Ce Soir, A Place to Enjoy Arts

Hello my virtual Goddesses and Gods! Tonight I introduce you to another of my favorite places in Second Life®, Ce Soir Arts. Ce Soir has everything a virtual wanderer’s heart desires: a beautiful sim rife with great photo opps, an art gallery to please the eyes, music and poetry readings to please the ears, and lovely owners who are warm and friendly and make you feel like an honored guest who is welcome back any time.

Ce Soir  Arts  - Gallery
As always, click on the pics to see them in larger sizes on Flickr.

Owners Aeon and Mireille are a couple in RL and SL. They are lovers of art and music and seek to share that love with others in Second Life® at their Ce Soir Arts venues. There are a few such venues on the grounds of the sim, including a playhouse, an art gallery, and a gorgeous two story building with a stage upstairs where patrons are treated to live music acts, notably Moshang.net and Russell Eponym.

Ce Soir Arts Live Musice Venue stage


Live musician MoShang Zhao
Moshang plays awesome chilltronica live from Thailand at Ce Soir Arts, Thursdays at 7pm SLT

There’s also lots of good exploring to do outside, where visitors will find lots of scenic photo spots and a poet’s nook. Russell Eponym regularly hosts poetry and other readings in that nook, a lovely treat for anyone who loves a good story, a good poem, or just good fellowship with others who enjoy the arts. Catch Russell Tuesdays at noon at the Ce Soir Arts Magic Tree.

Russell Eponym at Ce Soir Arts
Russell Eponym reads Tuesdays at noon SLT at the Ce Soir Arts Magic Tree

In fact, Russell and Moshang are two of my favorite performers to go see in the virtual realms. Moshang is in Taiwan, and Russell I think is in Australia, so I won’t be seeing them live in person anytime soon, but seeing them live in pixel at Ce Soir really is the next best thing to being there!

In summary, Ce Soir Arts is an awesome sim where you can find great beauty in the build, great art, and live music and poetry. If you are a lover of the arts, and an admirer of beautiful builds, go visit Ce Soir Arts! They’ve recently redesigned, for the skinny on that check out the Ce Soir Arts web site.

Ce Soir Arts

Chilling at Ce Soir Arts

Ce Soir (Dark) Arts


Gallery at Ce Soir

Remember, my lovelies, you can always find more great places to visit in the “Places to Go” blog category. Click those 3 little lines at the top of the post or just click this Places to Go link 🙂

3 thoughts on “Ce Soir, A Place to Enjoy Arts

  1. Thank you, PrettyFlower, for your lovely post about our belovcd Ce Soir Arts! Your photographs are beautiful and we appreciate your kind words more than we can say. We are here to enjoy the arts and honour those we encounter along the way. We are so pleased that you have come to Ce Soir and look forward to seeing you many times in the New Year!
    With gratitude and a wish for goodness abounding,
    Mireille (and Æon too)

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oooh I didn’t know that was there…yay more goodies to check out! I look forward to it. I got a whole bunch of gowns from some advent calendars and will be posting about them this weekend. I feel a CeSoir wintry shoot coming up ☃ 💗 ☃ !


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