Windswept Pumpkin

WindBlown Away by Bargain Hairs

Hello virtual Gods and Goddesses! I’ve been hankering for hairs that work for a windy or underwater look, and this week I found some great ones on sale! Well, ok, maybe not so much I found them as my friend told me about them, but hey, I got them and that’s the important thing, because (I admit it) I’m a virtual hair whore. Hairs and hair accessories are what make my avvie happy.

It’s been a daydreamy kind of week, and the photo at top of this post sums up the just-passed weekend nicely. Here’s the scoop on the goods in that photo up there:

Hat and Hair: FarAway by EMO-tions, the hat and hair come together as one piece. Go to the sale section at the EMO-tions main store to find all the awesome windblown hairs you’ll be seeing in this post. They are on sale for only L$99 each. While you’re there, join the EMO-tions group and pick up several stunning group gift hairs, located near the entry to the sale area.

Cute Pumpkin Dress is by !gO! (I LOVE their stuff!), a mere dollarbie (L$1) on the Marketplace. Be sure to search their store, they offer a lot of cutie-patootie dollarbie dresses.

Rowboat was a freebie from the SL Fantasy Faire 2015, an annual springtime event that includes a really good hunt that rewards hunters with many awesome, high quality prizes. This rowboat has several animations built into it perfect for those daydreamy moments by the water.

But wait, there’s more!

As always, click on any of the pics below to see them in glorious larger sizes on Flickr. Happy Bargain Hunting!

Mer Queen

↑↑ Hair: Windblown 5 by EMO-tions

Skin: Beatrice bronze by De La Soul – 2012 hunt prize from the SL Fantasy Fair, now discontinued. HOWEVER if you join the group and go to the VIP area of the store, you can still find this gorgeous gold skin there as a group gift! Woohoo!!

Crown: Mermaid Queen Crown with bubbles and color change HUD by Tir Na Nog. If you guessed this crown was another Fantasy Fair hunt prize you would be correct! Moral of this story… go get your hunt on!


Bargain Look Selfie

↑↑ Hair: Windblown #9 by EMO-tions.

Crown: Cherry Blossom Crown, L$30 Gacha from Sweet Revolutions. When you get there, face the teleport boards, then go through the archways to the left. Keep going in that general direction until you see a big mountain cave with a dragon head entrance. The blossom gacha is in there, along with a whole bunch of other cool gacha items.

Skin: This absolutely gorgeous skin is called Starborn, by Fallen Gods. It is the Fallen Gods prize in the Eternity Hunt, on through November 21, 2015. Start the hunt at the Fallen Gods store, where you’ll get an HUD that gives you hints and teleports you to the hunt locations. It is a challenging hunt but the prizes are worth it. Fallen Gods includes appliers with their beautiful skins, you can see my SLINK hands match the skin perfectly. Love them for that! The prize gives you both male and female versions of the skin.

Tattoo: ARALIA Flowering Forest by Fallen Gods. L$35 Gacha at the Fallen Gods store. I don’t know how long those will be available, I suspect they will be gone when the Eternity Hunt is over on Nov. 21, but that’s a guess. In any case, I highly recommend going, there’s gorgeous gacha items available – everything Fallen Gods creates is beautiful.

Bargain Look

Just the back view…

The Tribal top and skirt are Degha Earth by Feyline Fashions. That outfit was September’s Group Gift freebie. In addition to group gifts, you’ll find some great Lucky Crates and lots of hunts to keep you busy there.

Windswept...or just swept?

Last but not least, the above pic shows off more of that lovely ARALIA Flowering Forest tattoo from Fallen Gods, and demonstrates that these fabulous Windblown hairs by EMO-tions look equally scrumptious on your favorite scrumptious males. Here you see the awesome owner and creator of Fires of Mischief, Redd Wolf, wearing Windswept #9 and looking quite fabulous. I recommend clicking the pic to see it larger on Flickr for some of those details.

That’s all for this Bargain Hunters post – hit up the Subscribe button if you wanna catch more great deals, beautiful places to visit, and fun short stories here on Goddess Whispers!


Got Thoughts? Please share them 😊. I love to hear your ideas and suggestions for new realms to visit!

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