It's a Mer Mer Mer Mer World

It’s a Mer, Mer, Mer, Mer World

Hello my lovely virtual Goddesses and Gods! This week I was turned on to an underwater mall for mers that has everything the water lover needs to be styling in the sea, AND also has a whole bunch of fabulous freebies for bargain hunter addicts.

Fanci’s Deep Mer Mall is a shopping center set in an underwater complex rife with places for selkies, merfolk and scuba divers to explore. There are also rental communities for those who wish to make the sea their home.

Inside the mall, you’ll find a plethora of stores sporting everything your avvie or home needs to fit in under the sea. At the landing spot there’s a nifty TP board with lots of underwater spots listed. For you first-lifers out there, the “TP” stands for teleport. Teleportation is the main mode of traveling from one sim (virtual continent) to another in Second Life. You can simply walk, run, fly or swim across adjacent sim lines, but if the sims you are visiting are distant, you’ll teleport.

Mer Mall
Fanci’s Deep Mer Mall has lots of shops for the sea lubbers. As always, click on any pic to see it in larger sizes on Flickr.

Do go check it out, and be sure to leave the mall and explore the vicinity. There’s fun to be had, and while I was exploring I enjoyed a wild ride on a trick dolphin that jumped out of the air and dumped me off his back into the ocean, checked out some cool private underwater homes (do be respectful, these are private residences, and by “checked out” I meant from the outside while swimming past, not going inside and helping myself to their crab cakes), enjoyed a dance with a handsome merman in a beautiful sea garden, and rode a giant octopus who went wherever I steered him. It was a lot of fun!

And now the good stuff, photos of the fabulous freebies I picked up at Fanci’s Deep Mer Mall. All the furniture and decor pieces shown in these pics were freebies!

Mer Freebies 1
I absolutely adore the Octopus rug, which is actually more of a small tile mosaic than a rug when you look up close. This would be beautiful set in an underwater marble gazebo or a landwalker’s tiled bath area.
Mer Freebies 2
I also loved the shell and anemone seating. The porthole wall decor is animated, and there are two – 1 has fish swimming around in a reef, and the other has a mermaid.
Mer Freebies 3
How much do you LOVE the seashell gramophone! That is my other fave piece, along with the Octopus rug. Last piece is the blue fire brazier that is shown in the featured title photo at the top of this post. All these items are freebies found in the mall! They even gathered them together into a freebie booth located right by the landing spot.

Bonus Question and Prize!

Who knows the reference that inspired the title of this post? If you are a Second Life resident and can name that reference, leave it in the comments below, and follow this blog. First one to follow my blog and leave the correct answer in the comments under this post gets a L$500 gift card for the **RE** RealEvil Industries store.

Disclaimer: Yes, I admit I’m re-gifting (the horror!). I previously won this gift certificate in a contest held by the fabulous Wendz Tempest on her fabulous blog, CozeySL.  Although the RealEvil Industries store has a whole lot of awesome and high quality accessories, they just aren’t my style. I’m a leaves, flowers, twigs and birds in my hair kinda faery, and their stuff is more leather, metals, buckles and studs – if you like to look badass, you will LOVE their stuff.

Update:  Woohoo Shining Nightfire was awesome and sent me a photo of her gorgeous self showing off the lovely watch and bracelet accessories she bought at RealEvil Industries with the gift card she won!  Thank you Shining, I’m so glad you got what you wanted 🙂

Shining Nightfire winner!


Are you a Bargain Lover?

Check out The Bargain Hunter section for more fabulous freebie and low-priced finds, including some very nice mer jewelry from [MUSE]/NSP Florals, one of my favorite purveyors of fine floral accessories and more.

2 thoughts on “It’s a Mer, Mer, Mer, Mer World

  1. The only reference I could think of was a good old movie called It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. I just thought it would be fun to give a go, go, go. LOL
    Love your blog girl…especially writing 101. Am ‘Merfully’ hooked.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ding ding ding ding we have a winner! Yes, it is a good old movie, an old favorite. Your gift card will be hidden under the giant W. Haha just kidding… Shining, I will IM you next time I am in world and send your gift card. If “Shining Nightfire” is not your name in world, please be sure to leave a reply here with your SL name.

      Also, check out the movie “Rat Race” if you have never seen it. Basically it’s an updated Mad World movie, and it is really funny. 😀


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