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Writing 101 Day 6: My Writing Space

Hello my beautiful virtual goddesses and gods! I have been tasked with an assignment to write about my writing space. Where do I write? What are my writing habits, what equipment do I use to write, and what do I need and want in a physical space? This task is the Day 6 assignment handed down by the awesome, free, online Blogging University course, Writing 101.

My Writing Space: A Beautiful Treetop Gazebo

As I am a virtual goddess, so too is my writing space virtual. As you can see above, one of my spaces is a lovely treetop gazebo, nestled in under a canopy of brilliant colored leaves or flowers, depending upon the season. Right now the canopy is ablaze in oranges and reds, resplendently dressed in Autumn colors. I also have a nice Shakespeare era desk on the ground beneath the tree. My writing space is comfy, well lighted, and on the table there is a nice glass of riesling faery wine and a few candied apples to satisfy my sweet tooth.

My Writing Equipment: The Humans’ Magic Box

In the photo at top of this post, you can also see me holding a small, purple magic box, a neat little item that comes from the world of the humans. This humans’ magic box allows me to store pictures in a place called Flickr, which, near as I can tell, is some kind of alternate dimension in space and time. In fact, my little purple magic box gives me all kinds of connections to many different places and spaces! I write these posts on that magic box, and then the box shows me the stories I write, the pictures I add, and it also shows me the stories and pictures that other people write too! I know, right – pretty amazing! The faeries and elves say that most humans have lost all their magic, but I think they’ve just channeled it into these nifty magic boxes.

Pretty Works on her Event Listing
The humans’ magic box is small and portable, which means when I am somewhere very beautiful and inspiring, I can just plop right down and start writing!

My Writing Habits: Second Life Photography

My writing habits really are a by product of my Second Life photography habit. I love SL photography, and I created this blog to be a forum for my photos, and a space to write stories and posts inspired by my adventures in Second Life and the photos I take during those adventures.  Sometimes I enter my pics into photo contests, and once I even won 2nd place!! Currently two of my photos are on display along with all the other entries into the Halloween contest that was hosted by the beautiful Lost Unicorn Gallery and Forest.

Garden of Eden - Love Birds 02
This photo won Second Place in the Garden of Eden photo contest. See all the fabulous entries in the Garden of Eden photo contest, and other photos taken in that beautiful realm, in the Garden of Eden Flickr Group. As always, click on any pic to see it in its glorious larger size on Flickr.
Lost Unicorn Gallery & Forest Display
Those two pics on the right were my entries into the Lost Unicorn Gallery and Forest Halloween Photo Contest. All the entries are currently on display at the gallery. Do go visit, take a look at the beautiful winning photos, and then wander the gallery and check out all the awesome art on display there.
Mers of Mischief
What does this pic of me and my handsome friend Redd being Mers have to do with this post? Absolutely nothing…I just like the pic and wanted to include it, heehee 🙂

Blog Topic Suggestion Box: What Would You Like to Know About My Virtual Life?

Part of this assignment is to collect ideas from readers for what to write about, and we’ve been told a future assignment will be to draw from those suggestions. So let me know what you’d like to read or learn about being a virtual goddess in a virtual world. Please do leave a comment below, or send me a Tweet with your suggestions. 

9 thoughts on “Writing 101 Day 6: My Writing Space

  1. I useto play on the for a while but my old laptop God ruined and I never got to save my info so my virtual person vanished 😞 I never played on second life. Do u have to download this on your computer and can u play it on mobile phones I have the iPhone6

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Marielle,
      To play Second Life, you’ll need to download a viewer app. I use the Firestorm viewer, which is the most commonly used, even more than the Second Life viewer I think.

      Get the Firestorm Viewer at
      Get the Second Life viewer at

      It’s a bit like a web browser, in that web browsers bring you what’s on the internet, the Viewers bring you what’s in the virtual realms. Or if you are familiar with gaming, it’s just like going into any other game, you sign in then appear in world.

      As far as I know, there is no app that allows you to play on a mobile device. I do have an app that allows me to sign in and chat, but there is no graphic interface, so you can’t see or control your character at all, it really just allows you to chat with people in world. And to be honest the app sucks, the developer rarely updates it and a lot of its features no longer work.

      If you decide to check out Second Life, look me up, I’m Prettyflower Vale in world 🙂

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      1. Cool thank u for the information 🙂 I just hate downloading things in my laptop lol my husband uses it often I don’t really have virus protection right now and don’t wanna get any bugs on it.

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    1. Thank you for reading and for your comment, JustMePlease_Travel 🙂 That is a good topic to write about. Perhaps a post that shows non-players how one gets about from one place to another in Second Life. In the meantime, I do have a “Places to Go” section where I’ve written about various realms I’ve visited. Click the 3 stripes at top right of page to get to the sections 🙂

      Though your blog is real world, and mine is virtual world, seems we share a love of visiting new places. I look forward to reading more posts on your blog!


    1. Wow Jade, thank you 😀 Wouldn’t it be wonderful if beautiful spaces were as easy to create and live in in the real world? Of course in my lovely virtual tree gazebo, there are no mosquitos or gnats, there’s never any humidity or lightning, and it’s always just the right temperature when one is a faery and goddess, heehee!


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