Magic Soul Box

The Faery, the Satyr, and the Magic Soul Box

The Faery, the Satyr, and the Magic Soul Box

“What is this strange device?” asked the Satyr.

“It’s a hooman magic soul box.” replied the Faery. “They hoomans say they can capture a soul with it.”

“Sounds dangerous.” said the Satyr, wise as always.

They looked at the magic soul box, and wondered how it worked. It had a little scrying window on the back of it. But when they looked at the scrying window, they didn’t see anything far away, or in the future, or even the past. They only saw what was right in front of them.

“I’m not sure it’s working,” said the Faery, “maybe I need some magic words to utter over the scrying window.”

She found a button and clicked it, and behold! The scrying window captured what was in front of them, as if it was a little painting. She could look at that moment again whenever she wanted to. “It does capture time, and show us the past!” she said, with a bit of delight.

The Satyr was in for it now. She begged him to hold still so she could snap a few moments in time that held the Satyr.

Faerie captures Satyr's soul with the hooman magic box in Second Life

He wasn’t so sure he liked the idea of having bits of himself captured by a hooman magic soul box, but he knew Faeries could be stubborn creatures – especially this Faery – so he obliged. As he thought the words “especially this faery,” he smiled. And in that moment a little bit of his soul leaked out, and she captured it.


This story was written for the awesome, free, online Blogging University Writing 101 assignment Day 4: A Story in a Single Image

Bonus image below. Because I can’t stop with just one.  ~Stubborn Faery~

Faery plays with the hooman's magic box in Second Life while Satyr looks on
What was this strange device? A hooman wandering through the lands left it behind.

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