Who Is Prettyflower Blogging 101 Day 1

Blogging 101 Day 1: My Name is Prettyflower Vale

Hello my lovely virtual Goddesses and Gods! And hello now also to some real life people too, my fellow Blogging 101 peeps! This post is for Blogging University‘s awesome Blogging 101 course, and is Assignment Day 1, Introduce Yourself to the World.

Who is Prettyflower?

Well, I’ve actually already introduced myself to the world over on the About Me page, so please go read that. For purposes of my Blogging 101 assignment, I’m adding a bit more info here, and anyone who reads this is about to get to know me just a little bit better. But in summary, see this pic:

Woohoo! Shout
My name is Prettyflower Vale and I am a virtual goddess who likes to play Faery in Second Life.

What Is This Blog?

This blog is really a natural evolution that was born in the primordial mix of my love of fantasy, gaming, living and playing in the virtual world Second Life®, Second Life® photography, and writing short little stories inspired by that Second Life® photography. You can click on any of these pics to see them in larger sizes on Flickr.

Taking Pics at Fires of Mischief
Second Life® Photography is my creative outlet, and this blog was born from that passion. See my flickr stream here

Why This Blog?

Now you know WHAT this blog is, but WHY did I start writing about my virtual experiences? Hold your breath, my fellow virtual gods and goddesses, Prettyflower is about to let a little reality slip in here. I started this blog because I was utterly, completely burnt out on writing posts for my real life business blog. I am self employed in RL (real life) and although I enjoy the consulting and working with clients aspect of my business, I really dislike all the other stuff that comes with being in business for yourself: constantly being “on,” 24/7 marketing, sales, finances, writing about boring business topics for my business blog, etc.

In fact, I never wanted to be in business for myself, but I was laid off in the down economy, and I don’t live in a big city or other area that is a hotbed for jobs. There weren’t any jobs to be had in my industry, for someone of my age and skill and experience level. I have crossed that age threshhold where now I was competing for very few jobs with young, entry level college grads whose work history and experience meant they were commanding entry level salaries far below what I had been earning at my last job. I was now an undesirable hire.

As a result of all of this crap (and I applaud you if you are still with me after all that boo-hoo stuff!) I found myself a solopreneur in business for myself. Yes, there are lots of perks, I admit. It’s nice not to have 8 hours or more of my day owned by someone else. But that in its essence hasn’t changed much, those 8 hours are still owned by the tasks I have to do to find clients. But I digress… the point I MEANT to make is that as a result of all this crap, I was completely burnt out on writing for my business blog. I hadn’t added a new post in a few months, and that was not good. I needed to do something about it.

Ghouls Are Gettin' Down
This post was written on Nov. 2nd. Happy Halloween and Dia de los Muertos!

How This Blog Helped

So, how does this blog tie in to that story? Well, I started blogging here because I needed to enjoy blogging again. So I started blogging about something I actually enjoy, and do for fun, instead of the boring business topics I had to do. And so Goddess Whispers was born. Reborn, actually, as I created it way back in 2008, but it basically sat empty for years until I starting using it for Prettyflower’s blog.

How did this blog help my business blog burnout issues?

Contrary to the assignment, I have no expectations for this blog. I have no goals to gain lots of readers. That doesn’t mean I don’t promote it at all, it just means I don’t stress about whether I get readers or not. But that is why I enjoy it. That stuff is what contributed to my business blog burnout. THIS one helped me discover that blogging could be fun. And mostly, it just got me writing again when I had stopped. And once I got writing again, guess what? I started writing for my business blog again too! Yippee! That’s it, short and sweet. I know, I know, seems like there should be more to it after that long winded backstory setup, but there isn’t. Yay.

Thanks for reading this post! To my fellow Blogging 101 peeps, it’s nice to meet you, and I look forward to reading your long winded posts too 😎

5 thoughts on “Blogging 101 Day 1: My Name is Prettyflower Vale

  1. I think it’s great that you’re using this blog as a way to put a spark back to your passion, and I bet it will revitalize you and get you super pumped like the Goddess you are!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Adeyseel! It has already helped immensely. I even started using some of my virtual world photos in my business blog to add at least a little element of something I love to do for fun back into my biz blog. Thanks for leaving a comment, from one Goddess to another! 💜


  2. What a great reason to blog, and I love the style, layout, and font choice here as well! It is truly great to have something to “escape” real life to, such as your blog and Second Life. I always wanted to try that but when I did try it (after seeing it on a CSI: NY episode), it was too much for my poor computer and I lost interest.

    I can relate to the 8 hours thing. I have never had a “traditional” job, just babysitting and caregiving, but it is relieving to be able to work for myself in a way. I’m not making any money yet but loving what I do so far and hoping I don’t hit the burnout stage any time soon. I know there will come a time when I do, but now thanks to you and some other bloggers, I know there is a definite way to help with that… a break/breather with something FUN.


    1. Hi Be the Best Bonnie, thank you for your thoughtful comment! Funny, I watched that CSI episode, the one and only episode I’ve seen of that show, because it had some Second Life in it, lol. Creepy for sure too. I’ve met some wonderful folks and made some very cool friends there. If ever you decide to try it again, look me up! 😊


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