Fantasy Collective Trick or Treat

Hurry Up and Hunt – One Week Left for October Hunting!

Hello virtual gods and goddesses!  It’s been a long week and this goddess is pooped, so just a quick post tonight to bring you slurls to several hauntingly good October hunts happening now!  We’re going into the last week of October, so be sure to put your goodwill hunting shoes on and get trekking to all those fabulous prizes. As always, clicking on the pics will take you to them in glorious other sizes in my Flickr stream.

Get Your October Hunt On At:

The Fantasy Collective is hosting an amazing trick or treat event. Every vendor has a pumpkin, and every pumpkin has an awesome giftie. Pic at top of this post is the Fantasy Collective build showing some of the vendors and pumpkins. The fabulous head piece, the beautiful hair, and leg chain with bat I’m wearing in that pic are all goodies that are to be had at the Fantasy Collective Trick or Treat!

But wait… there’s more!! This pic below features additional goodies from the Fantasy Collective Trick or Treat:

•  a barrel with some wonderfully fun and cuddly couples poses  •  Dia de los Muertos decos  •  wooden crate side table  •  plate of poisoned apples  •  sense of fall table decor

And yes, that’s the same hair as in the photo at top, it comes with an HUD and several color choices, and the fabulous antlers with decorative string are a fat pack gift also waiting for you at the Fantasy Collective Trick or Treat!

Fantasy Collective Trick or Treat Goodies

Just Bouncing Around

Elven Forest has a pumpkin hunt in progress. Have hoppy ball, will travel.

[MUSE]/NSP Florals has a mini-hunt in the building attached to their store. Four gorgeous NSP accessories found in the hunt plus a lucky chair or two to try while you’re there.

Halloween Town is a really fun build AND has a really fun Haunted House at the end of the lane. The Haunted house has a few prizes in it, including a delicious bloody face tattoo giveaway provided in a perfect photo opp spot, as you see in the photo below. In fact, this haunted house was built with photo opps and poses included for the folks who are looking for some nice scary Halloween pics for their profiles.

He Should Have Listened - Halloween Contest Entry #1
This flick is one of my contest entries into the Lost Unicorn Gallery’s Halloween Photo Contest. Please do go give it a fave or leave a comment. Never hurts to show the judges you like the pic, and I’m not above asking you to do that, lol. Especially given all the truly gorgeous photos that have been entered. Way better than mine, really. So do go give them a look. Just don’t do it while laying in bed right before you fall asleep, or you may have nightmares!  Don’t say I didn’t warn ya…

That’s it for today folks, just a quickie, but it’s a real goodie. If you hit up any of these haunts and post some picks of your prizes on Flickr, please leave a link to your flicks in the comments below! I love the creativity you virtual goddesses and gods are made of and I love seeing what you do with your Second Life stuff!


Please check out my Second Life Faboolous Halloween photo contest entry.

If you like it, I would so appreciate a kudos or comment. TY!! 💗💜💖

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