Obsidian Evening Dreams

Obsidian Evening

Obsidian Evening Dreams

The obsidian outcropping caught the moon’s light, absorbed it, turned it into molten gold that flowed to the surface wherever she touched the black glass. She could feel a hum vibrating through her palm as she slid her hand along the cold stone, the liquid gold shine following in the wake of her caress and casting warm light on her skin.

The obsidian outcroppings were riddled with cracks that looked like spiderwebs inside black diamonds, but they were oh so smooth beneath her fingertips. She knew this was an old place of magic, residual energy left over from centuries of druid and faery ceremonies held amongst the shiny black rocks. She basked in the vibrations that filled the place, then continued on her journey, making a mental note to return at the next full moon when the energy would be high.


This photo was taken at the gorgeous rebuild of Ce Soir, which relocated from a skybox to the ground. Now there is water flowing through the land, adding a whole new dimension of beauty to the location. Go visit Ce Soir, join the group, check out the poetry readings, art displays and music shows. It’s a wonderful location to explore!

Got Thoughts? Please share them 😊. I love to hear your ideas and suggestions for new realms to visit!

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