Elven Forest Aerial View

Get Lost in Fantasy in Elven Forest

Hello there my darling virtual Goddesses and Gods! Tonight I introduce you to Elven Forest. You may already know this forest – Elven has been in SL for many years now, and is an everlasting favorite of lovers of magic and fantasy. It has been like a home to this Feary for some time now…I believe Elven was one of the first ‘hangout’ sims I found in Second Life, and today it remains a favorite place to hangout, the place I most often go when feeling social or just wanting to chill with some lovely fantasy folk. This post really is long overdue, and I can put it off no longer.

Elven Forest – A Place Where All Are Welcome

Elven Forest is a welcoming sim with many spots to explore. There are secluded spots for lovers, including some that are so well hidden it might take several visits to find. All are welcome at Elven, and there are couples poseballs and romance animations to be found that will please everyone, from sweet and cuddly to dungeon dangerous, and whatever your gender pairing of choice may be.


Relaxing with friends in Elven Forest. Pic snapped by the beautiful Elf maiden SusieTea. Click to see it on Flickr!
Relaxing with friends in Elven Forest. Pic snapped by the beautiful Elf maiden SusieTea. Click to see it on Flickr!

The landing area is a dock that boasts several stores to help any human enter the world of fantasy and whim. From wings to gowns to mer tails and loin cloths, you can find whatever you need to be whatever you want to be in a beautiful fantasy world. Also on the dock is a free, handy script counter and a freebie outfit for newbie males and females still discovering the delights that Second Life has to offer. You’ll also find signs and teleport balls that can take you directly to featured locations throughout the island.


pic of Beautiful Elf Susietea lounging in the landing dock at the Elven Forest
Beautiful Elf Susietea lounging in the landing dock at the Elven Forest. Photo snapped by Susie – click to see it on Flickr!

There are lots of great spots for role play and photo opportunities, but the most populous spot has always been the giant mushroom glade. This is where the fine fantasy folk come to chat, to chill, and sometimes find an amorous partner. All manner of creatures are welcome, and all manner of creatures are found there. The Forest is a place for free spirits, and the favored clothing styles of the faeries and satyrs and the like can range from beautifully worked armor and finely embroidered, layered elven fabrics to the silky sheer and gauzy and almost there, or not, styles favored by the fae.

A fine Forest gathering

It’s not uncommon to find a bevy of fantasy creatures dancing around the giant mushroom, and for those who are feeling more like relaxing, stumps and mushroom stools and seating logs are scattered around the glade.

Take a Tour of the Forest

To get a great introductory overview, take the narrated feather tour of the island. From the landing point, go down to the other end of the dock, across the bridge, and turn left, and at the edge of the mushroom glade you’ll find a giant, soft comfy feather just waiting to show you around.

Feather Tour of the Forest

After the tour, go say hello to the folks around the mushroom. The locals are very friendly here!

Weekend Dance Events

Elven Forest hosts two weekly dance events, usually from 5pm – 7pm slt on Saturdays and from 1pm – 3pm slt on Sundays. But really you should just join the Elven Forest group to get event notices, just in case the time changes. Forest people sometimes like to chat in the group too, and it’s usually an amusing conversation.

Elven Forest Mer Dance

Dances are generally held either on the beach, in the sky ballroom, or in the beautiful mer area under the sea. Though it has also been in the crumbling castle on at least one occasion.

Party in the forest :)

There is sometimes a theme, but often it is just “normal Forest Attire” and it wouldn’t be unusual to see faeries, elves, satyrs, shape shifters and even a dragon or two at any given dance. And sometimes even a human or two 😉

More Photos from the Forest

If you haven’t been hooked yet, here’s a few more photos to entice you to visit the Elven Forest. Tell Bella or Dark that Prettyflower sent you. Maybe it’ll score me some faery forest points, lol! As always, you can click on any of these pics to see them in larger sizes on Flickr.

Flight of Fantasy

It’s a great place for photo opps! Members of the group are were able to rezz objects, which is great for photographers. Sadly, the rezzing permissions have recently been restricted to the beach area because there were some folks razzing things they shouldn’t and leaving a lot of crap to be cleaned up.

3 Teddies and 1 Cat

Hopefully permissions will be reinstated (I miss the magic spells and taking photos with my critters), but even if not, there are lots of photo opportunities to be had in the animations and poses found throughout the forest.

Holy Crap it's the Untamable King!

I once came across a space traveler and a humongous Untamable King (from the fabulous Prehistorica sim) in the flower meadow up the hill from the mushroom circle! The space traveler was frozen in fear, but then a faery came along. You can read more about that here.


Sky Gazebos offer places to chill with friends, or get steamy with a lover in a hot tub with a killer view.

Butterfly Priestess

There’s also places for those with more Gothic tastes, a crumbling castle here, a dark stone tower there. Also great for taking photos!

Gypsy Caravan at Night

If your spirit is more gypsy than dragon, you’ll love the caravan and campfire on the beach.

Goddess Gaia as Tree Maiden

Need to meditate and become one with the universe? No problem! You can go to the quiet side of the island and become one with a tree.

Idyllic Glade

Did I mention Satyrs and Faeries and Unicorns and Waterfalls and Flowers yet?

merfaery dance

There’s even some great dances and poses for the mer in the lovely undersea city and kelp forest.

So what are you waiting for?

Go visit Elven Forest now 🙂

Got Thoughts? Please share them 😊. I love to hear your ideas and suggestions for new realms to visit!

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