Mission: Crustacean Liberation

Calvin’s Tale

Calvin sighed, clicking his claws together in frustration. He *told* them not to go into the neato cages, he *told* them they were traps and NOT underwater jungle gyms! But did they listen to him? Noooooooo.

“Calvin, don’t be such a killjoy!” they said.

“Calvin, you’re such an old fart already.”

“Calvin, you’re such a wuss.”

“Yah,” he thought, “I’m such a wuss, yet *I’m* the one that’s gotta come rescue your barnacled behinds.” pfft.

How was he going to get them out of that thing? They were getting weak. He called the big nosed guy over. Calvin knew his type, and he knew what ol’ big nose liked.

“Pssst… lift my brothers out of that thing and I’ll show you where all the stupid fish are – the ones that swim near the surface – you’ll be feasting for days!”


Photo location: The beautiful realm called Warm Springs in Second Life. Warm Springs is very photographer friendly and has many photo opp scenes built in. Upon arrival you are greeted warmly with a notecard inviting a stroll through the sim and also inviting photographers to submit their photos to the Warm Springs Flickr Group.

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