The Banyon Tree Dryad

The Banyon Tree Dryad

The Banyan Tree Dryad

Though the dryad enjoyed exploring the island, she could never wander far from her tree for long. Dusk was always a signal to her, the world telling her it was time to go home to her great banyan tree, to protect it and be protected by it. It could not thrive without her, and she could not thrive without it.

The tree would collect the dew at dusk, a nightly gift for his dryad that was more sparkling than the brightest gems, more beautiful than the sweetest diamonds. For the dew shined with the light of the moon and stars themselves, and provided fresh water for the bats and birds and rodents and insects.

She brought to the tree stories she heard from those she met in her travels, stories about places far away and exotic. She danced on the tree’s wide roots, and laid offerings of sweet fruits and berries on its great branches, treats and nourishment for all the creatures that called the tree home.

They had a very good life, here in the realm of Fires of Mischief.


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