Imagination: Faery Floating Underwater

Faery Floating Underwater

Imagination: Faery Floating Underwater

The Faery floats lazily, blowing bubbles and admiring the lovely amethyst cliffs and waterfall from her underwater vantage point. Above is the rickety rope and board bridge that hangs across the waterway to connect the cliffs for those travelers daring enough to brave it.

Her mischievous fae nature sometimes brings her to this spot to float not far below the water’s surface, waiting for a human to cross the bridge. The water is so clean and clear that they can see her there, but she knows most of them have lost the will to believe in such things as faeries and magic, and they will tell themselves it is only their eyes playing tricks on them.

When the humans are bent over the bridge peering into the water wondering what is causing the illusion (surely it must be a log lodged in some rocks), it is that moment that she swims up, *almost* breaking the surface, looks up at them right into their eyes and smiles and flutters her wings.

So close to the surface in such clear waters there can be no mistaking what the humans are seeing. The look of surprise and delight on their faces is what brings her to do this trick. She watches their expressions as they struggle to accept something they cannot believe is real.

This is how and when she leaves them, going down to the bottom of the waterway and swimming off, or sometimes bursting out to the air and flying off while the humans scramble to get out their little pocket boxes and capture her picture.

Sometimes they come back, but she never reveals herself again, because she knows it would just be trouble, and she has no desire to be captured, imprisoned and studied. In the end, they all convince themselves she does not exist, could not exist, that the light on the water was playing tricks on their eyes. It was the way of the humans. They were strange creatures, these humans who taught their children to stop believing in magic and faeries.


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