Fires Of Mischief Rebirth

Fires of Mischief – Birth of a Sim

Hello there virtual Goddesses and Gods! This post is a special one for me, because it is about the return of a very lovely place to Second Life, a place that was built by my dear friend Redd Wolf. Fires of Mischief was built in Second Life by Redd a few years back, and it was a truly beautiful realm to visit. It has been a few years, during which Redd (and his Fires) migrated over to InWorldz, but happily, he has come back to us in Second Life, and is currently creating a new Fires of Mischief realm in SL, woohoo!

Redd’s profile pick for Fires of Mischief lays out its conception:

Creating safe haven for Free Spirits…

free erotic expression in a tasteful way…

freely giving pleasure without judgement

These lands welcome travelers of any form,

Open your hearts…

Open your minds…


Be ONE with the Elements as they guide your

relaxing moments, explore the mysteries High & Low

Redd is very creative (you should see his fabulously handsome fantasy avvie!), manages a large university campus landscape’s tree crew in RL, and his love of beautiful landscaping shows through in his Fires of Mischief builds that he had first in Second Life, then in InWorldz, and soon returning to SL. In the photo at top of this post, you see the new sim as nearly empty palette.

I asked him how he goes about his building when he starts with a new sim. He starts by looking at the landscape and blocking in the main features:  mountains, water bodies, focus structures (he’s gotta have his beloved wizard tower!), and area designations such as mer, romance, scenic. Then he just kinda follows his muse as it guides him in each blocked out area.

The Wizard's Tower
The beloved Wizard Tower, always one of the first items to be rezzed on Redd’s sims.

Redd’s lands are built from love of landscaping and building and desire to express his inner creativity. There is no planned out blueprint to follow, it is his land and he follows where his heart and inner self take him. He prefers the spontaneity of in the moment creation to a more rigid or structured approach.

Fires of Mischief Mer Area Planning
The beginnings of the mer areas that will be found in the reborn Fires of Mischief sim.

Having been a big fan of the previous incarnation of Fires of Mischief, I trust that Redd’s spontaneity and creative, free spirit will build an even more beautiful realm for us to enjoy the second time around! ..

Fires of Mischief Previous Incarnations

Here are some photos from the ‘Fires that were’. I just love before and after pics, and enjoy watching the creative process, so I’ll eventually put another post up with in-progress photos and the final sim when it is ready for grand opening for public enjoyment. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these 🙂 As always, click the pics to see them in larger sizes on Flickr.

RIP Fires of Mischief
The previous incarnation of Fires of Mischief in Second Life held many a perfect spot for faeries.
faery forest at night
In the midst of the magical grove at the old Fires of Mischief in Second Life.

Below we see a pic from the Fires of Mischief that lived for a while in InWorldz:

Visiting InWorldz for a change
Pretty visits Fires of Mischief in InWorldz

Stay tuned for more pics here on my blog and in this Flickr album as the new sim build progresses!

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