Home Sweet Dome

Home Sweet Dome: My Bargain Paradise

Hello there virtual Goddesses and Gods!

I am so very fortunate to have a wonderful friend in SL who invited me to live in a Dome on one of his properties. So before we tour my home, I must start this post with a big thank you to the awesome and generous Emerson Fray, and a little info about his Graylady properties. Emerson has the heart of a builder, and he likes to build big. He also likes to make his properties available for people to set to home for free. Of course donations are always desired and appreciated, these sims don’t come cheap. Members of Emerson’s group, the Graylady Palace Garden Guests, can set their home to any of his properties.

Graylady Cliffhaven Beach Resort
Graylady Cliffhaven Beach Resort, the hub with transports to the other Graylady Properties.

Emerson likes to build… I mean really likes to build, and the properties are prone to changing, so start out by visiting the beautiful Graylady Cliffhaven Beach Resort, which is a hub where you can get landmarks and transports to the other properties. The Beach Resort sports a few buildings in different styles, so there are a plethora of ocean view rooms and outdoor decks to suit any taste, from treehouse to modern.   .


On to My Home Sweet Dome

I love my dome home! And it’s filled with bargain hunter items. I have an allowance of 60 prims – doesn’t sound like a lot, but you might be surprised by what can be done with those 60 prims! I managed to find lots of stuff I like, which of course tend to be flowers and trees…you know, Faery stuff. As always, you can click the pics to see them in glorious larger sizes in my Flickr stream. .


Rain Meadow and Gypsy Tent

In the midst of 3 large trees there is a flowering meadow that gets a lot of rain. I have a beautiful gypsy tent there to keep me warm and dry when I don’t feel like running around barefoot in the rain. But truth be told, I like running around barefoot in the rain! The rain can be turned on and off with a simple command, but I usually just leave it on. I like it. Maybe because in RL I live in a desert region, where rain is something to be enjoyed immensely because we get so little of it. Not only does the rain look lovely, it sounds wonderful! The rain ball comes with the sound of heavy but gently falling rain, perfect for curling up and falling asleep to in my awesome gypsy tent.

Warm and Dry
Rain: Rain ball created by damanios.thetan. Freebie on the MarketPlace (MP)
Tent: Gypsy Dreams Tent by Gypsy Wolf. Was a free hunt prize gift from 2014 SL Fantasy Faire! Tent is L$175 on MP.
Join the FFC Fantasy Faire group to stay updated on this annual event.
Flower Meadow: &R-Realistic Grass mix flowers 2 Walk sound & Particles 40×40 by romi77779 Doobie. Only L$10 on MP

Have I mentioned how much I love that tent? I was admiring it, in fact, at a display at SL12B. Then much to my delight that same night I went through some old hunt prizes I hadn’t gotten to yet, from the 2014 Fantasy Faire, and lo and behold, that very same tent was in my loot!!! The neighbors probably heard me squeeing from several hundred meters away.


Pink Faery Grass and Butterfly Dreams

Moving towards the waterfall, we must pass through a field of giant pink faery grass. It’s giant because in the interest of thrifty prim usage, I sized it up to cover a larger area rather than put several out. But I like it that way, it feels magical to be lost in the pink foliage, so it works out just fine 🙂  I mostly just included this pic because the outfit I’m wearing is totally bargain hunter material. I love butterflies and flowers, and yay, this dress is a simple but pretty butterfly sundress, and I love it. And it is a freebie!

Home Sweet Dome: Flowers and Giant Faery Grass
Hair Flowers: Nobilis Blue by LODE, L$50 on MP or go to LODE for THE BEST head accessory Gacha machines ever! 
Hair: Carmen Wild Caribbean from EdelStore, freebie on MP – coral color but moddable. 
Wrist Flowers: part of Kadea outfit by SAKIDE. Was free for limited time. This store offers lotsa freebies so check it out. 
Butterfly Dress and Choker: by M&M Mesh. Only L$1 on MP
Pink Grass: Plume grass by Dwarfins – free hunt prize gift from 2014 SL Fantasy Faire. Join the FFC Fantasy Faire group 
Wild Flower Bouquet: Group gift at [MUSE]/NSP – L$75 to join, but you get SO many AWESOME  member gifts!  
Pose: A combination of Ballet 16 from Zoe Ballet Pose Pack #3 by Verocity – only L$1 on MP! – plus pose built into the flower bouquet.

Wine O’Clock at the Palm Oasis

When it’s time to unwind, there’s nothing like a nice glass of wine by the Palm Trees at dusk. The wine is even sweeter when you can get fabulous stuff while on a tight budget. Such as, for instance, this fabulous hair which was one of the many, many free hairs that were given away at last week’s 2015 Hair Fair! Or the beautiful crown of horns that is yet another one of the many free gifts for members of the [MUSE]/NSP updates group. Or the awesome romantic palm tree oasis with built in singles and couples animations that you can get for free on the marketplace. And the yummy glass of absinthe, almost in the photo, which has a drinking animation built in and is a freebie found at Elven Forest.

Showing Off
Hair: Bangers by Analog Dog, freebie from the July 2015 Hair Fair  
Headpiece: Moors Guardian Ruby Heart Crown of Horns, free member gift for [MUSE]/NSP group members
Palm Oasis: Romantic Garden by T&K Designs, freebie on the MP


Beautiful Bargain

After wine o’clock it’s time to get all fancy for the evening’s funtime. You remember that lovely bouquet of flowers and the awesome crown of horns that are free gifts for members of the [MUSE]/NSP updates group? Well guess what.. so it this beautiful gown, woot! Yep I paid L$75 to join the group, and so far you’ve seen the flower bouquet, crown of horns, and fancy gown that I freely grabbed up once I was a member. But let me tell you I got a bunch more stuff too, and all of it as great quality as what you’ve seen in this post.

Beautiful Bargain
Gown: Jeweled Peony Sari Gown w/hip and shoulder flowers – group gift for [MUSE]/NSP group members. Bouquet is also a group gift.
Light stand: Faery Court Seelie Crystal light stand by Cerridwen’s Cauldron. Hunt prize gift from the 2014 SL Fantasy Faire. Join the FFC Fantasy Faire group.
In the foreground you see a pretty, shiny, and sometimes sparkly (when I turn it on) Seelie Crystal Light stand that was yet another hunt prize from the 2014 Fantasy Faire. If you haven’t ever been to the Fantasy Faire, make sure you go next year, there is so much more to it than just the fabulous hunt prizes.


Sleeping Gaia, Spirit Tree and Sakura

Our last stop in today’s tour is one of my very favorite spots at home. I fell in love with my sleeping gaia stone statue the very first time I ever saw her at a private home, and then I started seeing it in some beautiful and peaceful sims, such as Ecclectica. But when I found the Sleeping Woman packed in the LOTTIE Fantasy Pond rezz box, I almost pierced my own pointy ears with my high pitched squeeing. The fabulous Fantasy Pond was a hunt prize gift at a Renaissance Hunt! The Dryad Woman Tree to the left was another one of the many awesome items found in that rezz box, along with a pond, rocks, plants, water, a 2nd tree woman, and rotating lily pads.

Home Sweet Sky Dome
Sleeping Woman statue and Dryad Woman tree: packaged in with the LOTTIE Fantasy Pond rezz box, a hunt prize gift at a recent Renaissance Hunt. Join the Historical Hunts group for hunt event notices and hints.
Sakura Cherry Blossom Tree by The White Lotus, L$50 on the MP
Blue Flowers: Blue Fairy Lights Fantasy Flowers by Whimsy, freebie on the MP

The sleeping gaia is comfy in a soft bed of blue flowers that were a freebie download on the marketplace. Behind her head is a beautiful Sakura Cherry Blossom Tree that I just love. It’s only 2 prims and is mod/copy, so you can put out as many as you want. It has a menu to turn on soothing bird sounds for day and owl and cricket sounds for night. There are also wind chime sounds for any time. The tree also rezzes a sunbeam, falling flower petals, a picnic blanket with animations for singles and couples, and a moving shadow. Razzing these items does add extra prims, but you can rezz them temporarily and turn them off again when not in use. It was a real bargain at only L$50 on the MP!

Last but not least is the only item here for which I paid over L$75. That gorgeous white outfit that makes Victoria’s Secret models weep is called “Midsummer Night’s Dream.” I consider it a bargain at L$450 for the dress, wings and head wreath. I saw it in the amazing Ephemeral Skye’s Flickr photo stream. You can find the links for where to get it in Skye’s blog here.


Disembark to the Right

Well we’ve reached the end of the bargain hunter tour through my lovely Home Sweet Dome, and I hope you enjoyed the ride. Please do leave me a comment if you managed to make it through this long post all the way to the end here 🙂 I have this blog really just because I love SL photography, and I started writing little captions for some of them, and then that turned into this blog. So I won’t be writing on any crazy schedule, just when I have the time and inclination. However, I am not above accepting bribes if you have a lovely region you would like me to tour and photograph, and I will also gladly accept donations from anyone who wants to tag along and get some nice photos of them taken in pretty places.

2 thoughts on “Home Sweet Dome: My Bargain Paradise

  1. I sure wish I could go decompress and de-stress in your lovely dome home when I leave this business trip in NYC! Thank you for the mini-trip to your beautiful and peaceful oasis 🌞🌸🍄💫


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