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If I had to choose only one channel to watch for entertainment ever again, it would SO be the SciFi Channel!!

As an example and testament to my love of scifi, I am reposting here a blog a wrote a bit back and posted to my private MySpace page (meaning maybe now someone will actually read it, lol).  This was from back in April 08, but hey it shows my love 😉


SciFi Squeeage
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omg. So, yesterday was the premiere episode of the final season of Battlestar Galactica. I had been awaiting that day for a long, long while, as SciFi channel seems intent on putting all their best shows only on Friday nights, so they have a wierd schedule – they’ll run a full season of new Stargate Atlantis backed on their new Flash Gordon series (which I thought sucked at first but now I’m hooked :-P) and then they’ll go off for an ENTIRE SEASON while the other great shows then take their turn in that hallowed Friday eve slot. So now comes the return of Battlestar Galactica and in 2 more weeks Dr. Who.

So, yesterday I was pondering this strategy, and wondering why they are so opposed to having hit shows on at the same time, for example, why not put 2 on Fri and 2 on Sat? Instead of all the hard total CRAP they show on Sat., surely giving them no viewership. “Ah, well,” I thought, and chalked it up to money. Don’t want to spend as much money as needed to produce too many hit shows at one time.

But then I got a bit pissy about it and thought “well how the hell do they expect us to care after the show has been off for so long? I was SO into it and now it’s been SO long since it was on that I just almost don’t care anymore.”

So what happened? Well, at 9pm they showed the last episode of last season, that was on soooo long ago, and which was so FRAGGIN’ exciting!!!! And then the new episode FRAGGIN’ ROCKED!!!! And it fraggin’ rocked HARD.

So there I was, squeeing out loud, much to the dismay of Andy who was in the back room, as he hasn’t the tolerance for my intense joy, love, and need for scifi in my life. The opening sequence found me taught in my chair, arm raised and ending with fingers in the devil horns sign, banging my head as if I was at a truly rockin’ hard metal concert or something. Only this was to the exciting dramatic BG music. You know, that kind of DUNDUNDUNNNN music they always put to exciting tv shows when something really big and exciting is going on.

So then, as if caught and pulled by a tractor beam I simply HAD to go get a beer out of the fridge to sip excitedly on while loudly exclaiming “Oh SHIT” or “OMG” or some such outburst as the story unfolded before my adoring eyes and soul.

I don’t know why but Battlestar Galactica always – ALWAYS – makes me wanna drink a beer while I watch it. Then look out when Dr. Who comes back on, cause it’s gonna be a beer during Dr. Who and a beer during Battlestar.

Holy fraggin’ Friday night, Apollo!

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