List of Photo Locations in Second Life

Oooh my lovely virtual Goddesses and Gods have I got a treat for you today!  Well, actually, it’s Melroo aka Taliferrue Cathaldus who has the treat, I’m just passing it along.

Taliferrue’s blog is called @Melroo’s Place and there she has graciously shared her meticulously tended collection of excellent photo locations in Second Life! She has even gone so far as to index the locations by theme, such as country, desert, historical, interiors, and so on. I’ve bookmarked this page and plan to refer to it often.

Additional photo location resources can be found in my own Places to Visit galleries on Flickr. Those galleries are populated with lovely photos taken by others. When I see a photo whose location or scene makes me go “ooooh I wanna go there” I save it to the Places to Visit galleries. The photos saved there will all have either a link to the location, or the name of the location in the description under the photo.  Here are links to those galleries:

Places to Visit    •   Places to Visit II

If you have any such galleries or albums or indexes of great photo locations, please do leave links to them in the comments below.

If you use the galleries or Melroo’s excellent index and find that a location no longer exists, please remember that fluidity is the nature of Second Life, and locations and sim builds come and go regularly. If a location is no longer there, just move on to the next one, and don’t throw tomatoes at us for any broken links. I mean I like tomatoes and all, but I don’t really wanna wear them. Unless they are in a leafy crown sitting upon my faery head. Then that’s ok.

Want to connect with others interested in SL Photography in-world? 

I have created a free group in-world called Pretty Fun Photos and Stories. Admittedly, I’m not gonzo active on it, because I want to play in SL, not work in it. But I still made a group anyway, whose intention is to be a resource for Sl photographers where they can ask for and offer photography tips, post prompts and challenges, and network with others interested in collaborating on group or themed photo shoots.

There is a Pretty Fun Photos and Stories Flickr Group as well, where the SL group members can share the photos and stories they’ve created together, or in response to prompts and challenges. I added “and Stories” to the group name because I enjoy writing little stories to go with the photos, or inspired by the photos I take, and I enjoy reading stories by other SL photo lovers too. I love a good story! So writing is encouraged too 🙂

If you’d like to join the Pretty Fun Photos and Stories group in Second Life, copy and paste this link in chat in SL and it will open the group join window:

Please feel free to post prompts, challenges, contests and links to your blogs featuring stories inspired by SL photos in the group chat! And in the comments of this post too, for that matter.


Got Thoughts? Please share them 😊. I love to hear your ideas and suggestions for new realms to visit!

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