Second Life and My Blog and Flit Ulrik. Yeah.

Hello there Virtual Goddesses and Gods!  So you all know how Second Life is fluid and ever changing, right?  Well I’ve decided my blog is gonna be more like Second Life. Why? Because, it’s my blog, and I’m doing it for fun and not pay or any other return, not worrying about whether I have any readers or not, and that means I get to blog about whatever the heck I feel like blogging about. Which is the whole reason I started this blog.

It also means if I decide I don’t wanna blog about something anymore, I don’t have to. Yay! So although I enjoy doing the hunts and getting fabulous freebies and making cool outfits in Second Life, blogging about them has just become too darn time consuming. Time that, frankly, I would rather spend setting up and shooting photos in Second Life. I may still give all the outfit info from time to time, but not as often as I was. Really I just wanted another place to show off my Second Life photos, because that’s what I’m really into. I thought I might enjoy the fashion blogging, but honestly, it’s just more of a chore than I want it to be. So I’m getting back to making this blog more photo centric and less where can you get this awesome outfit-y.

There are a lot of SL peeps out there on Flickr whose work just blows me away! So I decided, just a few minutes ago as I was browsing Flit Ulrik’s photostream, that I would like to share with you some of my fave SL photographers’ Flickr streams, starting with hers.

Let the Eye Candy begin!

So yeah, I mentioned Flit Ulrik – she is SO bad ass! As I was checking out her photostream, when I got to this pic…

Big Dog in the Place to Be

…I just had to leave a comment about the effect her photos have on me. I am personally not into the whole urban, bad ass, post-apocalyptic, sci-fi, cyber punk thing, or whatever that style is that her photos portray so well. Nope, if you know me at all, you know I’m all into the pretty, fantasy, faery, unicorns spewing rainbows and flowers stuff. It’s ok, go ahead and gag if you must. I’m just stating the facts.

But browsing Flit’s stream is, for me, akin to watching The Walking Dead. Dear goddess I would never want to actually be in that zombie apocalypse world, but holy rainbow colored unicorn shit I cannot stop loving the characters who are in that world! I cannot stop watching what happens in that world, no matter how anxious it makes me, wondering who’s gonna die and what awful thing is in store next. And when the season ends, it’s torture! I just can’t wait for it to come back and show me more! That world, as awful as it is, is just captivating!

Yeah. Flit’s photos are like that.

And to add icing to that cake with the buzz saw inside it, she writes the most fabulous little stories to go with her pics. I know, right!! Squee!

Heavy Metal Upgrade

So go ahead and check out her stream here. Be sure to check out her character stories too. Leave a comment and let her know how much you love her work. And tell her Prettyflower sent ya. But don’t tell her where I’m hiding when I watch her, lol. She’s scary. All she’d have to do is look at me and I’d probably spontaneously combust or something, leaving no trace that ever I existed. Well, ok, maybe there might be some sparkly, colorful confetti or something. But I’d still be poofed.

So there you have it, my little gods and goddesses, the first post in the brand new “My favorite SL Photographers’ Flicker Streams” category. I haven’t actually made that category yet and when I do I will try to come up with a cooler, shorter name for it. Suggestions are welcome, so leave a comment if you have one!  Also feel free to leave a comment with a link to your favorite SL Photographers’ Flickr streams – I would love to check them out!

4 thoughts on “Second Life and My Blog and Flit Ulrik. Yeah.

      1. Flit, Pretty, I can’t wait to see what you two get up to – you’re both valued members of and contributors to my Flickr sci-fi/fantasy images group “What If?”, and you both rawk as artists.

        Congratulations on good stories, good compositions, and just all around enjoyable work!

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