MadPea Ghost Town Game is lots of fun

Fun and Freebies Found in MadPea’s Ghost Town

Fun and Freebies Found in MadPea’s Ghost Town

Hello there my lovely virtual Goddesses and Gods!  Let me start off by saying I am smiling ear to ear from all the fun I’ve had in the making of this post. First in playing the MadPea Ghost Town game, and then in collecting all the goodies at the end of the game, and then in doing this fun photo shoot. 

MadPea’s Ghost Town Gives Great Experience

First, let me answer the big question: What is a Second Life® Experience?

An Experience is a situation or adventure in which scripted objects are used to interact with your avatar, for example to animate your avvie, to teleport it, or to attach objects and HUDs to it. In an Experience, you grant permission once for these things to happen, and that permission will last for the entire Experience, which is handy for enjoying gameplay uninterrupted by bunches of permission dialogs boxes.  You can find out more about Experiences on the Second Life Knowledge Base here.

Experiences make fun and interactive game play possible in Second Life, and MadPea has taken this great tool and run with it! A recent login to Second Life using the Firestorm viewer brought up a link to The Ghost Town web site and an IM from my good friend Redd telling me the game was fun and gives good prizes. Redd knows I’m a fun and freebie whore so he often shares his best finds with me. Yay Redd! 🙂

Of course I had to check it out!

MadPea Ghost Town

The Ghost Town Game

This is a game created for Firestorm viewers. Does it work with Second Life viewers?  I have no idea – I use Firestorm. If you’ve done it using the SL viewer do let us know in the comments.

When you first land in the Ghost Town, you’ll get a pop-up box asking for Experience permissions. If you’ve played MadPea games before and have already given perms, you may not get this. You’ll also get a welcome message to get you started. I found it a little confusing just at the start, as the message said I would be getting an HUD and a camera, but I got the HUD only, and it didn’t really do anything. As it turns out, you have to find the journal mentioned in the welcome clue first, and when you do, then you’ll get the camera and the additional HUD options will kick in. That wasn’t really obvious to me, but it didn’t matter as pleasant, helpful folks were on hand in the MadPea group to make sure I got on track.

Once you find the Journal, you’ll have a button for it in the HUD

When you find the journal, you’ll also find the Ghost Cam. The journal tells you the sad, morbid mystery story, detailing a descent into madness. The Ghost Cam allows you see the ghost victims. When you see one, snap their pic and you’ll free their soul. When you have photographed and freed all 20 souls, you’ll be given a key to a treasure room, where you can collect a slew of awesome gifts.  Visit the MadPea Ghost Town web site for a list of the participating vendors and the MadPea Ghost Town Slurl, then go have some fun wandering around the Ghost Town and freeing ghostly souls.

Once you find the journal, you’ll get a Ghost Cam button in the HUD. It opens up this camera view, which allows you to see ghosts and snap their pics. The strip at the top shows you which ghosts you’ve found already and the empty slots will give you the hint where to find the ghost you need. My strip is full of ghosts. I rock. 😀

The Ghost Town Gifts

And now the gifts! First opened was Bryn Oh’s Rabbit Mask, because Bryn Oh. The Rabbit Mask did not disappoint, it is quite freakylicious, and became the influence for the slightly off kilter, Alice in Wonderland-ish setup of the pic with the nifty chairs. The prizes shown below are just a sampling of the gifts delivered, but you’ll have to go play the game yourself to see the rest. I don’t have all day ya know. 😉

Rabbit Mask by Bryn Oh, full side.
Hair: ‘Nevaeh’ Essentials by Elikatira. Comes with color change HUD.
Ghost Cam by MadPea
Chair: ‘Striped Trees’ by Cheeky Pea – several great poses in this chair!


Rabbit Mask by Bryn Oh, cutout side.
Hair: ‘Nevaeh’ Essentials by Elikatira. Comes with color change HUD. 
Hat: ‘Bowler Hat’ bloody by DEADWOOD
Chair: ‘Striped Trees’ by Cheeky Pea – several great poses in this chair!



Rabbit Mask by Bryn Oh, cutout side.
Hair: ‘Nevaeh’ Essentials by Elikatira. Comes with color change HUD. 
Hat: ‘Bowler Hat’ bloody by DEADWOOD
Chair: ‘Striped Trees’ by Cheeky Pea – several great poses in this chair!
Chair: ‘Slouchy Chair’ leopard by Junk – comes in 4 textures
Cabinet I’m standing on is the box that the Cheeky Pea chair came in. I had to include that because I love the boxes stuff comes in nowadays as much as the stuff that’s inside the box. So creative, these SL people are!
GhostCam by MadPea
Outfit: ‘Cleave’ Bloody black dress outfit by Plastik. Includes dress, boots, a few different earring choices, meat cleaver necklace. I don’t normally wear shoes, being faery and all, but I put them on here so you could see them. Be grateful. I don’t know how humans stand those things!
Picture location: Cerridwen’s Cauldron


GhostCam by MadPea. Comes with ‘take picture’ animation. 
‘Cleaver’ necklace included in Cleaver outfit by Plastik
‘Dark Soul’ Cross and animated swirling mists vial necklace by The Little Bat. Comes with HUD to change color of swirling mists vial.


Ghost Sylph avatar by Lilith’s Den. It’s the green thing in the bottom right corner. It’s very swirly, and it comes with a really cool, spooky sound that I think is the best part of it.


Alrighty then, that’s it for today’s post. I’ll leave you with two things to remember:

  1. If links aren’t working, sorry, SL is rife with change, and I’m not going to keep track of where/when the stores open and close. If the link is dead, just search SL for the store. You’ll find it!
  2. Go play MadPea’s Ghost Town! Bring a friend or date and have some fun and score some nifty prizes.


Got Thoughts? Please share them 😊. I love to hear your ideas and suggestions for new realms to visit!

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