iMac white screen of death

Pet Peeve: iMac White Screen of Death for No Apparent Reason

Hello Virtual Goddesses and Gods! This morning, like most, I got up, let the dogs out, got my cuppa coffee, brought the dogs back in, and went into the home office. I turned on my iMac and……white screen. I restarted the iMac, aaaaand…..white screen.

Seriously? What could possibly have gone wrong in the 8 hours since I turned it off last night? Did little tiny virtual elves of the creepy Santa’s helpers from Polar Express and Keebler sort (as opposed to the hunky Tolkien and virtual worlds sort) come to sabotage today’s plans for world domination? Wth? Those little pipsqueeks are supposed to help take over the world, not thwart my plans! The little bastards.

Thank goddess for the iPad. Now I can vent my peeve and look up troubleshooting steps to fix the stupid iMac. Where’s Thranduil when I need him? Sigh.

Thranduil too fabulous

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