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Bargain Hunter: Beautiful Mer Jewelry and Half Price Poses

Hello there virtual gods and goddesses! in this Bargain Hunters post I’ve got a different look than I’m used to: pale and blonde. I’ve never bought a blonde hair that was I didn’t mod into a dark one, and I rarely wear a pale skin. I do own some lovely, high quality, pale freebie skins, but I never wear them, only a vampire-white one on occasion. I tried the pale ones, but they just aren’t me. I’ve always been partial to dark skin, something I think is a result of growing up in a sunny beach area and always having a great tan. These days I don’t risk the more powerful sun rays in RL so much, but I get to have that always awesome, pleasantly exotic, dark skin in SL, and that’s what I usually wear.

But recently I found a freebie skin set with 8 skin shades on the Second Life Marketplace that I really like. I got it for the darker ones, but it includes a couple of pale ones I really like a lot too – they are more faery than human, so they work. Last month I went around and collected all the freebie hairs from the July 2015 Hair Fair, and though I liked the one shown in this pic, I didn’t like it with any of my skins until I got the freebie ones mentioned above. And then yesterday I got the gorgeous [MUSE]/NSP August group gift, and lo and behold, they go perfectly with that hair and the pale skin, and this look just came together. It’s pale, it’s blond, it’s such a departure, but surprisingly, I really like it!

Freebies Everywhere Woot!
Skin: Curious Kitties Limited Edition Azil Skin – Peaceful Sakura, 8 skin tones – shown is Sakura Peach – freebie on the MP 
Hair: Larkin Dipped by Oleander Hair – was freebie at July 2015 Hair Fair
Eyes: Crescent Moon Mesh Eyes, Hazel – freebie on the MP
Pose: Musa Fantasy Pose #75 – on sale 50% off (only L$15!) throughout August 2015 at the Musa Main Store.
Accessories: Dancing Anemone set (head, upper and lower arms, earrings, necklace and back piece) – August Group Gift at [MUSE]/NSP

Dancing Anenome Set

This lovely Dancing Anenome jewelry set is the August group gift from [MUSE]/NSP. Join the NSP Florals Update Group for notices and to get the group gifts. It’s L$75 to join the group, but ohmygaaaads the gifts are SO worth it. There are a whole bunch of them, a new one every month, and they are all just as gorgeous as this jewelry set.  Check out this closeup pic of the Dancing Anenome upper arm piece – as always, click on any of the pics to see them in larger sizes in my Flickr stream:


Dancing Anenome Closeup

I did end up editing these accessories, using “edit – edit linked” to choose just the pearls and sea shells to turn off “full bright” because the colors are so lovely but with full bright turned on all I saw was a white glow in those spots. Eventually I will be adding this to one of my mer getups, the gold one from Boudoir…but that’s a post for another day.

The [MUSE]/NSP group gifts are found on the top floor of the [MUSE]/NSP store. There is a Halloween mini hunt going on in the building next door to NSP, with 4 more great freebies to be found plus a couple of lucky chairs. This mini hunt will be up throughout the month of October 2015.

“Feel” Dress

The dress below is one of my favorite gauzy, summery dresses. It’s actually a demo of a template dress, comes in blue – the full version comes with several different textures that can be applied. But though it’s sold as a “demo” there are no big ugly “demo” letters on it anywhere. It’s not really a demo so much as a “try this one and then go buy the one with a bunch of textures.”

So I fiddled around with it and applied a texture to the gauzy bits and added a favorite, years old velvet bra top. It is a copy/mod dress, so you can make copies and apply different textures for different looks. The texture I used is actually a flowery photo I took a long time ago at Alirium, a gorgeous landscaping sim that’s still around after many years. But I digress… let’s get back to that pic:

Palace Garden at Night
Dress: “Feel” Demo from Lyrical B!zarre – Only L$10 on the MP
Pose: Musa sword pose #005 – on sale 50% off (only L$40!) throughout August 2015 at the Musa Main Store. Sword included!

The Warrior’s Ballet

The Palace Garden is often empty at night, thus it is her favorite time and place to practice with her sword. No need for armor, just a smooth practice routine to keep her movements fluid and fast, and her mind observant of her surroundings. The evening mist keeps her pale skin cool and the fountain’s song is her timekeeper. She may be practicing at swordplay, but she feels like a dancer in a warrior’s ballet.

Photos were taken at Cerridwen’s Cauldren, a gorgeous landscaping supplies sim. Go there! It’s a beautiful build, you can shop for awesome fantasy plants and landscape stuff, and it’s just great for photos. Special shout out to Ever Afterr, who has a fabulous SL Events Calendar, through which I found the Musa pose sale.

On Another Note – Any Merry Gentry Fans Out There?

One of the things on my one-of-these-days “to do” list is to take this skin and add a ruby red hair, red lips and tri-color eyes, an homage to Merry Gentry, a faery princess character in a series of novels by author Laurell K. Hamilton. They are a blend of fantasy, mystery and romance. Had I known that “romance novel” was olden days chick code for “erotic smut” I would have started reading them years ago, hahaha! But it makes sense now. Back in the bad old days women weren’t supposed to actually enjoy sexy stuff, so they had to hide their erotic stories in romance novels, deep enough in that the men would never see those parts. Smart ladies 🙂

That’s it for this post. Have a wonderful evening in all your worlds ❤

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