Landscapes Only?

Pet Peeves: People Photos in Landscape Groups

Hi There Virtual Goddesses and Gods…this is just a short post in a new category whose posts will mostly be as short as this one. Yes, I am talking about Pet Peeves.

Pet Peeve #1 – Posting People and Commercial Fashion Pics in “Landscape Only” Groups

I mean seriously, the groups are NAMED “Landscape” – is it too much trouble to just NOT post your avvie or commercial fashion shot? Answer: No, it’s not!

Yes, SOME landscape groups allow and even want avvies in them, but NOT all of them. The poor admins should not have to spend days going through the pics and deleting the people shots, especially the blatant commercial ones. For crying out loud SL fashion bloggers, most of you aren’t even getting paid for all that awesome work you put into your pics and blogs. And I’m guessing the designers and creators you are blogging for would not want you to attach their brand to “rude and annoying!”

Is it really so hard to keep a little sticky note on your desktop listing the landscape groups that welcome people or animals in their shots, and ones that want just landscapes?  Answer:  No, it’s not!  

For those folks who can’t figure out how to make a list, here’s a short one to start with:

Nature AND Avatars:

Second Life Outdoor Beauties – avvie desired

SL Nature & Outdoors – avvie desired

Second Life: Second Nature – avvie ok

Les plus beaux paysages de Second Life – avvie ok

Landscapes. Ok w/ Avvies in background, NOT primary focus:

Landscape City Water Outdoors – avvie ok if NOT primary focus

Second Life – Landscapes – avvie ok if NOT primary focus

Flora and fauna only NO PEOPLE:

SL – Natures Scapes

Second Life – Landscapes in a Virtual World

Virtual Scenery

These are all awesome groups with terrific submissions and great moderators. Please stop messing them up with inappropriate pics.

This concludes this edition of Prettyflower’s Pet Peeves.

5 thoughts on “Pet Peeves: People Photos in Landscape Groups

  1. Good on you for pointing this out, Prettyflower! I actually made myself a list once, but I ended up withdrawing from most of the landscape-related groups when my photostream became more fashion-focused, just so I wouldn’t make a mistake and submit a picture erroneously. It can be tricky to keep them straight with such similar names, so the list you posted is a really helpful tip! ♥

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    1. Thank you Ever! What a nice response to a post that is basically a bitch fest, heehee. I almost didn’t want to make the post, but recently I had to scroll through almost 2/3 page to get to the landscape pics, and that sent me over the edge to Pet Peeve land. You do find so many beautiful locations to shoot though, your stream is still one of my faves for finding nice places to explore 🙂


      1. Awww, not a bitch fest! 🙂 It’s a totally legitimate frustration, made all the more challenging because just as you said, some of those groups happily invite avies in the pictures, while others don’t, and the names are often so similar that keeping them straight without a list to refer to can be difficult.

        What I find most heartbreaking is when I come across a lovely landscape photo but no details, sim name, SLURL, or similar are provided. Sometimes I’m sure it’s just an oversight, but other times I wonder if people prefer to keep some “hidden gems” to themselves, which is disappointing. As long as a sim is open to the public, its location really should be shared so we can all explore – and often the sim or parcel owners welcome donations for their upkeep costs, so I’m sure most would gratefully appreciate the locations being shared.

        Thank you so much for your lovely words, and I’m thrilled to share the places I come across. There are so many to see and experience, I’m just devastated we don’t have triple the number of hours in each day so I could explore the whole virtual universe! 🙂


  2. It drives me crazy when I’m looking for a specific item in an event group and someone has submitted fifty shots that have nothing to o with anything even featured at the event, between that and trying to find nice locations but finding only fashion editorials stuffed in, plus the people who re-date a pic forty times just to collect faves so it sits at the top of my feed a dozen times a week – urrghhh! I love this post, I’m bookmarking it right now, I can never find groups that mod the wrong pics out and these groups look like great places to actually see all the right things! Thank you 🙂

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    1. Shae thanks for your comment 😊 I’m laughing right now because my pet peeve is getting the most heartfelt reactions of all my posts. Who knew bitching about something could be so much fun, lol! 😃😘


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