Daenerys and Drogo’s Fun Second Life Photo Shoot

Hello my beautiful virtual Goddesses and Gods! Isn’t it just so awesome that we can actually be gods and goddess in Second Life? Or elves and faeries, hipsters and warriors, vampires and lycans, furries and dragons, and yes, even our favorite fictional characters from uber popular books, shows and movies.

Dany and Drogo

Everybody loves Game of Thrones, and my friend Sam and I are no exception to that truth. One of the things that makes the GoT story so fun is talking about it with your favorite fanboy-and-girl friends after the latest episode, squealing (ok maybe not in Sam’s case, but certainly in mine) over who died and who didn’t, and trading theories on how the story will end. (John and Dany Targaryan marry of course, join forces and defeat the white walkers. Assuming they continue to live, heheehee!)
Her Sun and Stars

And what could possibly top that, you ask?  Why, a photo shoot inspired by Dany and Drogo, of course!! It’s been a lot of fun first putting the look together, then finding the location (oh how I appreciate sims that allow rezzing), and most of all (of course!) posing with Khal Drogo. Squeee!

Ok, enough already Pretty, just show us the rest of the darn pictures. And stop using so many italics in this post wouldjaplease.

Well, since you asked…try not to squee too loudly while looking through these -I’m already doing that! As always, click on any pic to see larger sized pics on my Flickr stream.

Moon of His Life


Dany and Drogo: Moon of My Life!
photo by Sam Puren


The Unburnt One
The Unburnt One

And for the last luscious pic of the post, feast your eyes on Sam’s Drogo avvie. Try not to faint now 😉  Go check out Sam’s awesome Flickr stream for more great pics.

Khal Drogo: Warlord
photo by Sam Puren 


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