Pretty's Midnight Magic Tips

Prettyflower’s Midnight Magic Tips

Hello my virtual Goddesses and Gods. Today I’m providing you with a short list of tips to help make your midnight magic spells happen without a hitch every time. Whether your intent be love spells, weather magick, protection, or breaking of bad habit compulsions, these tips will keep you in tune with the forces of magic and nature energy. These simple and easy to remember tips are things I’ve learned along the way as I’ve perfected my potions and created powerful concoctions for all occasions.

Tip #1: Practice Your Craft at Optimum Times

It’s not called “midnight magic” for nothing ya know. Midnight is sometimes called ‘the witching hour’ for good reason – nature’s dark energy is freely flowing at this time, the halfway mark between dusk and dawn. Keep in mind “dark” does not mean nefarious or evil, it simply means the sunlight is gone. It is during this time that we see the stars, we see the moon, we see all the other beautiful sights in the heavens that we are blinded to when the sun’s brilliant rays hide them from our sight.

Full moon is the optimum time for certain spells to be cast. When the full moon is out we get the best of both worlds, the treasures of the dark and the illumination of the sun reflected in just the right amount to harness the light without drowning the dark.

Now this doesn’t mean we shun the sun, no not at all. The daylight brings the power of illumination, both literally and metaphorically. The power of the sun is best for helping you see and dispel harmful hexes, for summoning flames of purification, and for mixing potions whose ingredients include essences of flowers and blossoms that open in daytime.

Tip #2: Prep Your Work Space Before You Begin

There’s nothing so annoying as having to interrupt your spell casting to go find and fetch that final ingredient. This is especially important when working with magics that require precise timing in mixing and/or simmering ingredients.

Pic of Prettyflower's magical workspace in Second Life
Have your workspace ready

Have all your instruments set out on your fabulous apothecary table, have all references including books and diagrams handy where you can easily see and reach them, and gather all ingredients you’ll be needing before you begin. Only when you have all these things organized and in place should you start working your magic.

Tip #3: Keep Your Storage Space Tidy and Stocked

Now let’s repeat what we learned in Tip #2…say it with me now: There’s nothing so annoying as having to interrupt your spell casting to go find and fetch that final ingredient. Just imagine, you are working on that spell to encourage an abundant bounty of foraged foods in the forest, you’ve just gotten to the most important part. It requires expert timing and exact measurement of the last ingredient – you reach for it – uh-oh…you can’t find it! You go running off to look for it but it’s not in the spot it’s supposed to be in. Oh no! While you were searching, your spell sizzled and lost its spark. And the last 4 hours you spent slaving over the cauldron are gone up in smoke. Sure, it’s pretty, colorful smoke, but smoke nonetheless. You have to start all over, or risk starving the faeries and elves out of the forest. Poop!

pic of spell fizzling in Second Life
Don’t let this happen to you when casting your spell!

Tip #4: Don’t Feed the Critters!

No matter, and I mean NO MATTER how much they beg, no matter how cute they act for you, do NOT give them any scraps from the cauldron or treats from the shelf! That wormwood will make them wonky, the powdered pomegranate will make them puke, and the weed, well, the weed may just make them silly, get the munchies, then fall asleep (much like it does with humans). Be sure you keep a good supply of critter treats around for your favorite familiars, and keep those treats stored far away from your critter-dangerous magical stocks.

That’s it for today! These tips are basic but they will get you on the right track as you pursue your magical path. Have a lovely evening my virtual loves, and if you have any tips of your own to share, please do leave them in the comments below. After all, we magical folks need to stick together and support each other!


This post was written for Blogging University‘s awesome online course, Writing 101. This was written for our assignment Writing 101 Day 2: Create a List. 

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